Presence in new app only works intermittently


I know the presence indicators no longer appear in the new app, but devices and their presence are available via automation (eg Webcore).

I built myself a virtual presence indicator and am using Webcore to change it from home to away and vice versa.

Problem is it works intermittently. Right now, I’m at work but my presence is showing home.

I have all iOS app settings to always allow location, the location services are on in the SmartThings new app itself.

Anything else I can check or is presence a known issue? It worked fairly well in the Classic app.


I’ve noticed one issue, the presence sometimes turns itself off. So I need go into the ST app settings and turn it back on again. I’ve also noticed when I do this it creates an additional presence sensor on the same page, so I need to delete that and then add the new presence sensor to my automations and smartapps.

I’m not seeing it turn itself off, but it does correct temporarily when I switch it off then back on in the app. I have also noted the behavior where it creates a new presence device when doing that.

Hate to have to turn it off then on multiple times a week to get it to work. Your experience does suggest it’s a known issue.