Presence sensor history

In the old app I was able to see current status and history when mobile phones used as presence sensors arrived and left the house. This is no longer possible in the new app… too bad

Any idea how can create this myself? I simple want to know corrent status of s presence sensor, as well as the history…

Hey there! @Ankan, if you are just wanting a tile to display presence status as on for present and off for away.

Depending on your region, you can attempt to create a virtual switch using the Smart Things Labs feature located in the SmartApps Tab.

Menu>Smart app>(…)Three Dot Menu>SmartThings Labs>Virtual Switch the 2nd to last option.

You would then create two automation’s that change the status of that Virtual Switch based on the device presence that you are wanting to monitor on or off. ‘If’ device presence changes to present/away, ‘then’ turn the virtual switch on/off.

I hope this message finds you well!


Ok, sounds great

When i go to Smart apps, i don’t see alot of apps… When i press the ”+” sign i can only chose between three apps…

Is this because of my location? (i am in Sweden). Can i change the location?

Thanks for helping me out!

And this is what i see when entering smart apps…

It is possible that due to your region it may not be available as I’m located in the US, I’m unable to speculate. I should also advise that Smart Things Labs may only be available for certain devices, models, and countries.

If the option is available, it is located when entering into Smart Apps Menu. In your first screenshot, you are attempting to add a Smart App. In your second screenshot, you instead entered the Smart Apps Menu.

From the SmartApps Menu

What options do you see upon selecting the (…) Three Dot Menu located to the right of the (+) symbol? Is there an option for Smart Things Labs? If it does not appear here, I’m afraid it may not be available for your region.

Here’s a screenshot of what you should see:

If the feature is located, you would scroll down to Virtual Switch, and the options to create the switch would look like below:


I don’t see a lot…

Oh no! Thanks for giving those steps a try and confirming that information. It appears it’s not available for your area.

Give this Community Article a try for setting it up using IDE: New app Virtual switch

Once the Virtual Device is set up, you would simply create your two automations to turn it on/off based on presence sensor.

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Thanks again… i am a beginner

Looks as if works thanks to you!

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Awesome news Ankan, We are all new at some point! Thanks for confirming the troubleshooting steps resolved your concerns. I’m glad you got it all set up and are able to enjoy your new presence sensor tile.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to post them and the community will be happy to help out!

I hope this message finds you well!


Hats off to you!

I have another question open, under another topic. No answer so far. Not sure if this is your area, or if I need to provide more info… But you seem to know a lot :wink: