Presence sence Enable / Disable?

Ok, I have looked through many blogs and community posts, and I don’t see this out there.
I have 4 different Smart Things Presence Sensor V2, and when the battery is getting low, it shows leaving, and arriving at random times.
When it happened in the middle of the night, and lights began to come on, and off while I was trying to sleep, it makes this more necessary.

Now, I need some help.

I would like a simple Smartapp to be able to disable and enable the presence sensors.

First, for the setup, I want to create this:
1 x Virtual Presence sensor for every Actual Presence sensor.
1 x Virtual Switch for every actual Presence sensor

Next - I will changed all of my triggers from my actual presence sensor, to work off of the virtual presence sensor.

It would be a simple setup, one presence sensor, one virtual presence sensor, one virtual switch.

Here is the logic:
If the virtual switch is off, don’t update the virtual presence when the actual presence arrives, or leaves.
If the virtual switch is on, update the virtual presence when the actual presence arrives, or leaves.

Then on my bed time routine, I would turn the virtual switches off.
When my alarm triggers in the morning, I would turn the switches on.

This could also be used, if you have a house sitter, dog walker, non living member of the house, someone watching the house while on vacation, ect… that has a presence sensor and you only want to allow that sensor to be manually turn on.

Other options could be to not allow that teenager to get into the house if they are out past curfew.
Let me know what you think.

When my house is in sleep mode, I don’t allow presence (or motion) sensors to do anything with lights or sound (except in acceptable places like outdoors, or the stairs). To me it’s more simple than any other solution.

The cats do love setting off the stair lights, but they have fun and it doesn’t bother anyone and they go off soon enough. :smile:

I just saw a virtual presence made by @ady624, I’m going to find it and post it here. It’s what you (and now I…) want.

Try the quick browse lists in the community created wiki. There are a couple of presence sensor device type handlers there that can be turned on and off. “Virtual presence sensor plus” has been around for a while and is very popular. “Enhanced presence sensor” was just added by a community member who didn’t realize the other one existed and wanted to add an off feature to the actual SmartThings arrival sensor. They have slightly different features, so both are worth looking at. :sunglasses:

Once you have one of those, you can then turn it on and off with smart apps and routines.

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@JDRoberts you are awesome. What a great organized list.