Presence Sensor & Garage Door Open/Close

(Erik) #1


I have read through some of the posts regarding the automated opening/closing of my garage door based upon the ST presence sensor. Has anyone gotten this to work reliably?

I just installed a new Chamberlain with MyQ and have it integrated into ST. I want to leave the ST presence sensor in my car so when I leave it closes and when I arrive it opens. Has anyone gotten a Smart App to reliably work in this circumstance?




This is really a YMMV application. I have gotten it to work pretty reliably for the last year and a half but I only have the garage door open and not close because I would have to drive about a quarter mile away before the garage door would sense me being away and close.

I have had a few times where the sensor would suddenly report leaving and arriving causing the door to open when the presence sensor didn’t move at all.

Finally, due to ST backend instabilities lately, I had this situation happen which I posted in another thread. So you might want to think twice trying to implement this.

(Erik) #3

That is a good call. Too spotty to be trustworthy. I think I will just use the button :slight_smile:


(Ran) #4

Understanding my set up is different…I have a Linear garage controller, I have been using my iPhone as the presence sensor and the garage opens/closes every time I leave and comeback. (I actually use it also for routines)

(Glenn) #5

I use my iphone 5S as a presence sensor with a Linear garage opener. I only use it to open the door though as I’m not sure I trust it to close it reliably. I was on Verizon and it worked very well but recently was forced to switch to Tmobile and their coverage sucks so that in turn makes my commands lag a little bit so if i pull into the drive way, sometimes i might have to sit there for a minute for it to pickup coverage and have the phone realize i’m back. I might be able to buy the zigbee device and use that instead. If it also worked by when my phone joins and disjoins my wifi network, that would have been more optimal for me.