Reducing the range on my Smartthings presence sensor

I haven’t been able to find anything for REDUCING the range of my Smartthings presence sensor. I’ve found a lot about them not working or increasing the range, but not reducing it. This is a new item. I just got it yesterday. I have it set up with an automation in the SmartThings app. It sends me the notification that it is closing my garage door even AFTER it would when I was using my phone as a presence sensor. I am testing this for my wife before I move it into her car. I have removed my phone from the automations. Should I maybe delete the automations I set up and recreate them with the ST sensor? Any other suggestions as to why it waits so long to close my door? I was under the impression that it would open or close the door much closer to the house. As of now it is not doing the deed until I am 3 to 4 blocks away.

Do you already have the presence timeout set to the minimum 2 minutes?

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Nope. :frowning: Didn’t even know that was an option. I am still kind of new to this whole HA with ST thing. But I just set that and I will test it tonight. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

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No joy. I set my timeout to 2 minutes. I tested it yesterday a few times and didn’t get the results I was expecting. This morning, i backed out of the driveway and drove away. It took 2:25 for the notification come through for the garage door to close. Now when i pull into the driveway I sit there for 0:25 before the door will open. It seems pretty consistent. I tried that 3 times yesterday. Does this level of performance seem usual for this sensor? If so, is there any way to change that?

At least with my phone the door is open when I pull in the driveway. It closes at about the same time. Which at 6 in the morning 2 1/2 minutes gets me almost out of my neighborhood. :expressionless:

That’s about what I see.

Ok. So I guess I can live with the leaving part. Is there any way to reduce the wait time upon arrival? I know my wife will not want to sit in the driveway for 30 seconds waiting on the door to open. She will just push the old school remote. Which of course defeats the purpose of the sensor. :slight_smile:

How do you handle it when your phone suddenly thinks you are miles from where you are?

I’ve seen it a few times, I’ve actually had one of the phones here said it was somewhere but not home, while sitting on the desk.

Samsung droids - fwiw.

I’ve yet to have that problem. Please don’t jinx me :smiley:

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Assuming you’re using the SmartThings key fob arrival sensor, the arrival part is dependent on two things:

  1. Good timing
  2. your zigbee mesh

The arrival sensor basically does a ping to the zigbee network every X seconds. Successful ping = home, and unsuccesful = away. So you happen to reach the edge of your zigbee network as soon as it pings, it will work quick. So the key is to make your zigbee network near your entrances as strong as possible. At our house I have Lightify RGBW in the light fixtures on the outside of our garage. Since they act as zigbee repeaters, the zigbee mesh is pretty strong at the driveway.