Presence sensor reporting left and arrive immediately

My presence sensor started to act strange. It randomly say the person left and immediately says back when still at home. Its usually left in my sons bag. Maybe losing internet connection. Anyone know what’s going on?

If you are referring to the SmartThings prreence sensor, it is a Zigbee device, which is subject to wifi interference. You could try setting your router to another channel,but if you have close-in neighbors who also have wifi,it might be out of your hands. I solved a similar issue by setting a minimum away time of 2 minutes - doesn’t appear to be any downside.

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Thanks. I’m try 15sec away time to start with as I use the sensor to automatically change home security mode.

Interesting. Smartthings has started saying my phone has left and arrived into the geofenced area around my home, it’s quite a wide area and should cover any indoor GPS inaccuracies. It’s been working fine for a while and just started playing up a few days ago.

I’ll look into the time period as well since I’ve noticed it is usually within a minute or so that it leaves and arrives.

It should work as it is suppose to and with the time period we are just avoiding the issue without someone telling exactly why is this happening.