Presence sensor changed

My phones have been perfect presence sensors until today? Did something changes? Was there some firmware update. Has been flawless since I installed now today wife and my keeping switching to away and home randomly. Really annoying especially when both switch toon away and all the lights shut off

My iOS mobile presence has been unreliable recently as well.

Unfortunately this is very normal for ST.

I’ve had the exact same issue randomly for over a year. Works perfectly for months then becomes unreliable for period of time then goes back to working well again.

In fact this has been the case for all things ST in my experience.

Don’t bother contacting support since they’ll spend the entire time trying to figure out what you did to cause this issue. That’s been my experience every time I contacted ST support.

Man this is so frustrating here I am tring to convince the wife how neat all this stuff is and are lights are flashing on and off all night

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I tried everything. Using l360 now even know I hate using another app. Semi better