Phone presence sensors spotty all of a sudden

My android phone (ST App v2.1.6) is not always reporting when I arrive. Sometimes it takes minutes. When I first got the system I had no issues. Today I was home for about 1.5 hours and it still did not register I was present. I opened my Google Map and it knew exactly where I was, so not sure what’s going on. My wife’s iPhone also is spotty.

What gives? I read up on some threads but they were from a year or more ago.

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I’ve had nothing but problems with ST phone mobile presence. I could never getting working no matter what I tried. We even got brand new Note7 and still problem exists.

I would recommend going with Life360 app and connecting that as your ST presence sensor. Much more reliable for us than ST app.

I installed my phone as a presence sensor last night. This morning, it said I was away even though I was sitting in my office at home. I looked at the logs and it kept bouncing back and forth between away and present. I guess I’ll take a look at Life360.

Knock on wood but I’ve had pretty good luck with my iPhone. I was having this conversation last week with a buddy who has ST set up in his house and he set his gf up with one in her house. Both have android phones. At his location, both phones show up and work just fine. At her house, his phone is showing he is still at her house over a day later. My iphone is set up for two different hubs and I don’t have any issues as long as I have my wifi turned on. If I don’t have my wifi turned on, when I walk into my house everything goes crazy. Make sure your phone is connecting to your wifi at the house. If it’s dropping in and out, that could be your issue even though technically it shouldn’t need to be on the wifi for you to show as being there. Not sure if Android has a setting to allow apps to run in the background like iPhones, but that could be something to look into as well.

I also highly recommend Life360.

We have some rules whereby our garage door will open when a presence sensor changes to present. Originally I was using both ST and Life360 so that if one service was not updating location fast enough the other would still work to open the garage door.

And yes, shortly into this setup the ST mobile app presence showed a “present” status when in fact we had left and up goes the garage door while no one was home. I do have a warning notification if our garage door is open for 20 minutes but I still had the door open for that time, with no one home, until I got the alert.

So I’ve ditched the ST one and now exclusively use Life360 and have had no major goofs like this.

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More info here:

all of a sudden, my son’s presence is tied up to my account.

when i am away or home, his presence coincides with mine.

we do have separate accounts.

we have both logged-out on my and his account and he has also deleted and re-installed his smartthings app with the same issues…

all was working fine till a week or so ago… what gives?

I’ve never been able to get it to work consistently. Usually have to re-launch the app to get it to update my presence.

Did you guys switch phones or something? I believe that presence sensor is a combo of user id + phone

I have been using Life360 for the phone as presence sensor for the family. My wife’s phone always had that problem. Sometimes the home is armed thinking everybody has left while she is still at home. Even it shows properly on Life360, it may still have the error on ST. Last week, her presence sensing got confused with my daughter’s phone too like macombweare described. Now I set up the presence sensing directly on my wife’s phone on the ST app. It seems to be working well. When I am using Life360, it does not care which phone you use as long as it has the same SIM card or phone number.