Presence Sensor Beep

Does anyone else’s presence sensor not allow them to “Beep”. The option to make it beep it grayed out.

In the iOS app, I can get both my Arrival Sensors to beep. It may look grayed out but still work? Mine took about 25 seconds to beep the first time, FYI. Screenshots?

Maybe its suppose to be greyed out? Do you have to tap and hold it?

That is the current UI treatment. I think that there is work being done to address that. It should beep when tapped (even if there isn’t a visual indicator). Usually takes anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds.

I received my new ST Arrival Sensor today. I’m still trying to determine how best to deloy the sensor in my environment (use in addition to mobile presence, attach to key chain, install in a car, etc.). In the meantime, I played with the greyed out button on the UI for the “beep” feature. I also noticed a delay of approximately 30 seconds between the time I pressed the icon and when the beeping started/stopped. Because there isn’t an indication of a successful press, I was pressing constantly to see if I could start/stop the beep. As I was testing, the device beeped maybe 10-15 times. Interestingly, I noticed that my battery indicator dropped from 100% to 88%. I’ll not be testing the feature again for fear I’ll deplete my battery even before I get a chance to implement the sensor.

that battery performance seems typical for this device. I get about 2 months max with NO beeps - so this is a good candidate for wiring into the car. An “add-a-fuse” tap kit and a car USB power supply makes that fairly easy.