Make Arrival Sensor chirp upon "I'm back" routine?

Hello everybody,
I’ve tried looking around but haven’t been able to find what I’m looking for. Maybe I’m not searching with the correct terms. Under normal circumstances, my wife and I use our phones for presence detection, and it works great. However, for when we are out of town, I have a Smart Things Arrival Sensor to give to a friend to watch the house, feed the cat, etc. Is there an app that I’m not aware of that can use the little speaker in the sensor (normally used as a key locator, I assume) chirp when the sensor has been detected, and the alarm has been shut off?

As always, my ST setup is a work in progress. We’ve used the arrival sensor once before, and it worked really well for 5 out of the 6 days we were gone. That one day, there was some lag between our friend arriving and the house disarming. She unlocked the door, and walked in… to be greeted by a very loud siren - obviously not ideal. If she had a way of knowing to just wait another 5-10 seconds, that would be very useful. I think a short audible chirp from the arrival sensor would be perfect.

Thanks in advance!

Haven’t used the arrival sensor in a long time so I’m not sure.However, if your porch light was connected to ST then you could have that trigger on which would give them some sort of visual that it’s good to enter. Alternatively you could get smart locks

Check out CoRE. Will take you time to do your first effort, but will pay off handsomely.