ST Presence Sensor Reporting Every Few Seconds - Anyone Else?

I just happened to look at my live logs a few minutes ago, and caught one of my ST presence sensors reporting every 3 seconds!

I’ve email support already, but at the rate this is going I’ll be dropping in batteries every day by the time I get a reply…

Anyone else seeing this?

It’s using the stock DTH - “Arrival Sensor HA”, and it also does it with the older “Arrival Sensor” DTH.

@Brad_ST or @Kianoosh_Karami or @tpmanley , Did something change for presence sensors and recent hub firmware/DTH code?

It appears that the messages that are caused by something sent from the device are 20 seconds apart, which is expected behavior for the arrival sensors. The way that the arrival sensor works is that it will report it’s battery level every 20 seconds and if misses the checkin for a certain amount of time it is marked as away.

Those 3 second gaps are between a device checkin, and the periodic timer in the cloud that checks to see if a number have been missed to trigger the away event. But that message (the "Sensor checked in X seconds ago) is the cloud executing the DTH and doesn’t send/receive anything from the device directly.


Thanks for the quick reply!!!