Garage Door Opens randomly late at night from presence sensor (March 2019)

Anyone else experiencing issues with their presence sensors opening their garages randomly at night? I looked at my history after waking up to having my garage door opened early morning. Scary! I do have an automation to open the door when the kids arrive with their presence sensor but they are clearly sleeping at 3:30am lol!

Anyone have this issue or an idea why this may be happening?

When you say “presence sensor“ do you mean phone presence, the SmartThings key fob arrival sensor, SmartThings Tracker, or…?


Sorry. Yes, the arrival sensor.

And is there a corresponding log for the arrival sensors at that time? If so, I’d do in this order:

  1. Start using modes. Put your system in night mode when you go to bed and then restrict your automation to not run in night mode.
  2. improve your zigbee mesh. The arrival sensor depends on a zigbee connection to your hub and then the cloud to determine arrived or away. Add zigbee repeaters between your hub and wherever the arrival sensor stays.
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Great idea! I’ll try that. Thank you for taking the time to help me out :grin:

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