Presence not working for Ecobee in new app

Before the conversion I was using Life360 for my presence sensor. It still works great on everything except Ecobee. I used the Ecobee Manager to control the changing the temperature. . Someone hinted like it sounded like that should be able to be done in smartthings. Any ideas?
No to Webcore! And don’t ask me why!

When I did my conversion I noticed my life 360 integration stopped working as well. They still show up as a presence sensor. But the ecobee manager could not see them. You could try the Smartthings Automations but if I remember it let you select them but it would not trigger the automation. I am sorry to say that Webcore was my solution . However you could try sharptools. I know Samsung wants you to use Members but I’m a firm believer my kids don’t need a access yet. Goodluck.

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Thanks. Sound like a thing with SmartThings and Ecobee manager. Life 360 is still working great.

I wouldn’t have the slightest idea where to start in WebCoRE. Can you show me yours?

check YouTube as there is a couple good examples on how to install. Installing the community installer is also a great place.

Will that help with WebCoRE or are you referring to something else. But I have been wondering about that installer. I will check out YouTube.

Yes Community installer will also install Webcore