Iphone presence

(Pier-Luc Boucher) #1


Right now, I’m using webcore for a lot of my automation and it’s working pretty well

I used the phone sensor in webcore for a welcome home routine (light / lock and more)

In the last 2 weeks, this process is working 25% of the time

Is there another reliable solution for that need, ST, a presence sensor on my key, anyone else got something working



We had been using 2 Android cells as a presence sensor for years. Normally it was working 90% of the time. Then within the past 30 days that all stopped. 1 cell would have to be manually updated by opening the app the other would detect when we left, but not when we arrived. ST support was no help. Same old remove it and re-add the phones back in.

Moved over to the Life360 app and the past 2 weeks have been perfect. It does seem to hit the battery harder. I’m guessing maybe a 10% decrease on battery life on our cells. YMMV.


Re-command to use Life360 presence detection for ST.

(Steve Jackson) #4

Life 360 here too. Iphone & Android.

(Pier-Luc Boucher) #5

Ok thanks a lot, will give it a try!