Presence Detectors / Iphone as presence detectors

Hi all!

I’m pretty new to the smart things world, but just getting stuff setup. I’ve not had too many issues with my iPhone as a presence sensor, I do have most data services on, but it does detect way too far away from the house! Like the next street along! Is there a way to reduce the location size down from 500 foot as well? I’m testing between the fob and the phone, but don’t really want to have to issue out a set of fobs to everyone!

Interesting. My experience with using my iPhone 6s as a presence sensor seems just the opposite. I usually have a few reminders on my phone that trigger as I arrive home. That would indicate to me that it is actively looking for my location. Yet my ST triggers that are supposed to happen when I get within my geofence, don’t ever trigger reliably. The one action that does seem to happen 100% is I get a notification and text that my garage door is open. It almost seems like there are too many actions to process (only 3 really). Is it possible that the hub cannot multitask?

Presence detection for my wife’s iPhone5 is now working consistently. I deleted and re-added as a device before the last V2 hub upgrade. With those two changes presence is now working great on both our phones (i5 and i6).

I’m having an issue with iPhone 7 and 7+

Each phone has it’s own account logged in
There’s an iPad User account for my iPads

The issue I have is that the preens is not updated until open the app.
My wife never opens the app and her presence never changes.
I can see my presence update is timestamped from the time I open the app and check.

I have location services set to ALWAYS and have tried removing and re-installing the presence sensors.

Any ideas?