Presence borked for everyone recently, or just me?

There are a million posts about presence through the years, but lately seems most are referencing IOS. The 3 phones I’m using as presence sensors are all android. I just recently started utilizing presence to automatically arm and disarm SHM and worked fine for the first month. Just the last few weeks though, it has worked hardly at all. Battery optimization is off and location mode set to high accuracy. I installed a custom DTH published here to allow manually switching presence in the mean time, but getting really really frustrated with this. Anyone else?

I just got my wife’s iPhone hooked up for Presence.

I was trying to setup the existing routine for “Welcome Back” to turn on the porch light when either one of us returns, after sunset.

What I notice is now the porch light turns on not just when we come back in the day, but randomly in the day when nobody’s left or returned.

That’s probably related to what you’re saying. It’s not correctly telling when we are gone/present. Both of us are iOS.

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It works well for some people and not so well for others. For me, it has always worked well (now I’ve done it!)

Anyway, have a look at this Wiki information. Maybe you can find something that’ll help.

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