iPhone presence sensors stopped working today? (August 2023)

Both of our iPhone presence sensors stopped working about 2-3 hours ago. Anyone else having this issue? I filed a ticket.

Yes. Mine stopped about the same time. Which is very rare. My presence is usually spot on.

Same here.

Maybe someone smarter than myself has an idea here:

I’ve got a virtual switch that just turns on or off based on the presence of the phones. That is, I’ve got a switch and my wife has a switch. If my presence sensor turns to away the switch turns off, and vise versa…ditto for my wife’s phone and switch. I use these to integrate with IFTTT since it can’t be done directly with the presence sensors themselves. Anyway…

Here’s the weird part: as of today (and the failure), if I’m away from the house, both the presence sensor and switch show as though I’m home, BUT if I turn the switch off at n the app, the presence sensor updates correctly. Same when I get home. It won’t update on its own, but if I turn on the switch, it updates. And the update is accurate to my location. Same thing with my wife’s switch (and her presence sensor).

I don’t know how the switch can talk to the sensor, since my only automations say to turn the switch on or off depending on the state of the sensor, but everything downstream of that seems to be working. Weird.

It is also not working on Android.

Tagging @nayelyz just so someone sees this…thanks!

Same issue here with presence from 3 iPhones not working.

Ditto here.

Update: support got back to me. Suggested deleting automations using that presence rebuilding them. Suggested turning off the presence sensor an turning it back on, which also require rebuilding automations using that. Lastly, suggested changing the geolocation for the presence sensor to another time zone, saving it, then changing it back to the correct location and saving it. This is supposed to reset it. I did get notifications through ST that the geolocations got changed each time, so the system appears to be seeing that.

Did them all, none of that changed anything, I sent them updated failure info. Given you all are seeing an issue as well, I’m pretty sure it’s on their end and not part of my automations.

I’d suggest you all open tickets as well.

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I’ve switched almost all my automations to a Virtual Switch that I’ll use presence to control, but at the moment, if I turn it on, it just immediately goes back off because it thinks I’m “away”. When I get all the routines switched over, I may try removing presence detection and adding it back since I’ll just be adjusting two routines at that point.

Edit to add: Finished swapping over my routines. I removed and added presence back. Nothing. Now, when I toggle a switch I set to be controlled by presence, it doesn’t even react. It’s like there isn’t a “Present” or “Away” status on it at all now.

Hi everyone. There was an issue earlier today that impacted a small subset of mobile presence devices, but it should be resolved as of now.

If you are still seeing any issues please let us know.


My wife’s appears to be working properly now. Haven’t had an opportunity to test mine, but things appear to be going the right direction!

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Thanks for the update. Mine seems to be working now. I had to close and reopen the app. It asked me to sign in, and then everything started working as expected. Thanks!

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I noticed on my iPhone the get location from this iPhone was turned off.