Presence based on Car Bluetooth


Completely new to SmartThings here, but have quickly been integrating into it.

Im wondering if there is a way in the app to set the phone’s presence based on the currently connected wifi and bluetooth.

For example, if my phone is connected to my home wifi network, set my presence as “Home” , then if my phone connects to my car’s bluetooth, automatically set my presence to away, possibly even if its connected to the home wifi network.

Seems like androind already has something similar built in with trusted devices, wonder if there is already something somewhere I have overlooked.


Is this something you could set up using the Android Location Channel.

If you are using Android, you can do this with the help of a few third-party apps and a bit of tinkering.

Tasker has the capability of detecting which WiFi network you are connected to as well as if you are connected to Bluetooth (and to which device). You can use these options as the trigger for your profiles to change whether you are present or away using SharpTools and a Simulated Presence Sensor.

Here’s an example showing how to setup a simulated presence sensor and use SharpTools + Tasker to change whether you are present or away based on WiFi connectivity. You can take this concept and extend it to Bluetooth connectivity to meet your needs:

I’ve been playing around with using Tasker and SharpTools to toggle my garage if bluetooth is connected to my car and home wifi. I’m finding that combination more reliable than both Mobile Presence and my early version presence sensors.