SharpTools/Tasker for presence detection (2022)

New to Life360. Is there a way to integrate it into SmartThings now when Groovy is going away? How do I link Life360 to SmartThings? Or is there a better way for presence detection using Android phones (and Xplora watches)?

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See the following:

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Thanks! I’m using SharpTools and I’ve paid for Tasker and the SharpTools/Tasker plugin. But I’m a beginner with Tasker. Would you mind sharing more details about how you do this?

  1. Create virtual presence sensor in ST and give SharpTools access to the sensor in the Sharptools SmartApp.

  2. Open the Sharptools app and manipulate the sensor a couple times.

  3. In Tasker set up 2 Tasks. Select plug-ins, Sharptools, find your virtual presence sensor. 1 task will make it present and 1 will make it not present.

  4. In Tasker set up 2 Profiles in Tasker. Connected to WiFi and not connected (wifi invert). Link you Profiles to the appropriate Tasks

Thanks! I’ve managed to create tasks and profiles that reacts to Wifi Connected and Not Wifi Connected. And Sharptools sets the virtual presence sensor to on if it’s off. But when I disconnect wifi I get “Result: Unexpected error: -1” from Tasker and status if the virtual presence sensor is not changed to off in Sharptools (even though the Tasker profile is changed to Not Wifi Connected).

But there’s nothing strange here? Tasker Share

The other question, if I’m going to setup the same thing for my wife’s phone, will she also need to pay for Tasker and Tasker plugin? Or can we use my credentials also on her Android phone?

Did you build the Not Connected to WiFi Profile exactly the same as the Connected to WiFi Profile, except for checking the “invert” box for disconnect profile?

If you did and it doesn’t work I would delete it and rebuild it. I had the a similar problem building a power failure task yesterday. I fixed it by deleting and rebuilding.

My wifi disconnect profile:

If you sign into Google play with your log-in on your wife’s phone tasker should be free. An the Sharptools plug-in should be free if you use your Sharptools account on your wife’s phone. I have Tasker on my current phone, a tablet, and 2 old phones, and only had to pay once since they are all on the same Google play account.

Keep in mind that you will have to rebuild all your Tasker profiles and tasks on hour wife’s phone. There is an export function in Tasker, but I have never used it.

The profile is fine. It’s changing between Wifi Connected and Not Wifi Connected as it should. But the task to switch off the virtual presence sensor does only sometimes work when I disconnect wifi. But most of the time I just get the unexpected error: -1. Or should the toggle command be used for the task instead of on/off?

Could there be some built-in timeout if I disconnect too soon after I have connected?

Here is my task:

Looks just like mine except I don’t see a location for the Thing in yours.

Mine works great.

Seems it’s some kind of timeout issue. If I just wau long enough it seems to work fine. A d just tried by walking out of the WiFi range and back and it works fine. Thanks!

Now I may combine it with something like [HOW TO] SmartThings Presence reporting using Tasker/SharpTools/AutoLocation


Glad you got it working.


I still use a tasker / wifi integration because I’ve had it for years and am somewhat lazy, but you can handle it outside the phone now. @TAustin made a nice edge based solution that works exceptionally with Android phones especially, though I use it for an iphone too. I don’t know that he made a dedicated thread to it, but here’s where I know of it.

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Is this method going to still work once the transition to the new platform is complete?


The overall concept will continue to work, but since the SharpTools Tasker Plugins + Android Widgets are being unpublished alongside the Groovy deprecation, new users would need to use HTTP Actions in Tasker alongside either the SmartThings REST API or Rule Engine HTTP Triggers to toggle their Virtual Presence devices.

Edit: Just to be super clear, dashboards and Rule Engine will continue to work on the next-gen SmartThings platform. In fact, the next-gen connection is already live for new users. It’s just the Tasker Plugins + Android Widgets being sunset alongside Groovy.

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The Tasker/WiFi Presence integration can continue to work using the AutoVoice plug-in and Alexa.

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What all will continue to work in SharpTools? I currently use the SharpTools Attribute widget to see the temperature of my Edge thermostat. Will the SharpTools Attribute widget still work after Groovey is shutdown?

Everything in will continue to work – that’s our platform with dashboards and the Rule Engine.

You should have received an update to the SharpTools Android app (Tasker Plugins + Widgets) late last week with an in-app banner describing the Groovy shutdown and the implications for the android app. The android app was unpublished from the Google Play store and will be sunset alongside Groovy.

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I did but it obviously was written in a way that I really didn’t comprehend since I thought it just meant Tasker Widgets.

The only SharpTools thing I used is the Android app, so it’s now going to totally stop working next month then. That’s a bummer since the SharpTools widgets are so much better then what SmartThings offers.

My confusion was because the SharpTools app was reading data from Edge devices so I thought it was using the API. To bad it can’t be re-witten to read the SmartThings data from the instead. Oh well, guess I’ll get some homescreen real estate back for something else.

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Thanks for the feedback. Maybe reordering the wording to “SharpTools Widgets and Tasker Plugins” is more clear than “SharpTools Tasker Plugins and Widgets” :wink:


Another community member has found yet another option for Android phones that uses Tasker and SharpTools, but this time based on Life360 presence detection rather than WiFi router connection.

They are using Tasker to capture the notification that Life360 sends to the other family member’s phone and then going through SharpTools to turn on a virtual device in ST. I’m not 100% sure this will still work after SharpTools drops its widget support, though. :thinking:


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Based on recent discussions with @rcbjr2, he’s using Tasker to call an HTTP Trigger in a Rule, so yes, it will continue to work after Groovy is shut down and even without the SharpTools Tasker Plugins.