Preferences Won't Go Away

I have a smartapp that does a number of things. I deleted something from that. In the preferences section I deleted a couple items. When I save, publish, go to the app and save, in the log it still shows the preferences that I deleted.

In addition, same thing happening with a time schedule I had in there. It won’t go away. I tried doing an unschedule(0) but that doesn’t work either.

unschedule() should remove all scheduled tasks.

As far as your preferences go, that is known behavior. I think the only way to remove those leftover preferences is to uninstall the smartapp. They won’t be recreated when you reinstall.

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IIRC, you can delete “leftover” preferences in the IDE…

How do you delete leftover preferences in the IDE?

On the opposite side of this, I had a preference disappear that wasn’t supposed to. I have a simple smart app that monitors certain doors and sends a notification if one of them opens. Been working fine for months. This morning I opened one of the doors and didn’t get a notification. The sensor showed it opened ok. Got to looking and it was no longer listed in the preferences. Not sure what happened there. I haven’t been in that app for some time.

Gonna have to start looking for those little imps that invade all things smart…:slight_smile:

Well, you used to be able to delete preferences! It looks like the ‘edit’ screen for preferences in the IDE has been made “better” or something. Instead of an easily editable set of preferences–which I recall used to allow deleting of old preferences in addition to editing values–you’re now presented with a jumble of poorly formatted fields. At least on my browser.

Sorry to lead you astray. Perhaps your best bet is to contact SmartThings Support with your request…

In the IDE’s preferences edit page, it is possible to delete a preference by deleting the contents of the associated text field and then clicking save.