How do you delete unused/no longer defined device preferences?

Please tell me there’s another way of doing this other than deleting the actual device and re-adding it.

Removing it from the device driver doesn’t work…
Changing the device type for the device doesn’t work…


So I came across this post because I was having the same issue.
A preference setting I had created to play with had a zero value and when I removed that preference from the code, it still appeared in the settings page and IDE.
I now realise it’s quite obvious. Delete the value from the setting and the preference will disappear. Although I had a zero value, zero is still a value!

You are responding to a post which is four years old. A lot of things have changed in that time, including the way preferences display on tiles. The method you are describing was not available when the original post was written. :wink:

Yeah I get that but I was being a bit thick at the time and before I worked it out I googled it and found this. Hence I thought I’d put what I found in case it is ever useful for someone else (who is being a bit thick also).


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