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So I was doing some searching on how to get those sensors working correctly and clicked and old link to get this:


$60 off water mitigation package - Not sure if you want to call it a great deal but still a deal.

Enter promo code 470000000013067 at checkout, print the coupon to use in
store or call 1-888-488-3777 to place an order. Must buy bundle of
products at time of purchase: includes Iris hub, water shut-off valve,
water leak detector and motion sensor

So I tried yet again to do the Iris Contact sensors, hadn’t thought of using an incongnito tab, and now it says there’s only 4 left at the Chelsea store and it still failed to let me order, error 237.

I don’t know if I missed this post previously but Amazon has the Echo remote pre-order for $29.99 with prime shipping

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Still on backorder till 05/01 or am I missing something? Definitely prime user here

I ordered and it did say not available until May. I have been waiting for these to be available again and thought since the dot came out they wouldn’t sale the remote any more so I went ahead and pre-ordered while they are still available

We have 2 of them from our original $99 Echoes and honestly never use them

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Has anyone here discovered a relatively cost effective way to motorize and automate curtains? I would prefer to spend ~$100 per window instead of $200+. Haven’t really found anything and not really sure what to look for.



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Sell me one :slightly_smiling:
My echo is by the kitchen counter but I’d like to give voice command in my entertainment area where Alexa can’t hear me.

FlipFlic is (re) launching very soon on Kickstarter if iBlinds doesn’t suit your needs (although if you’re looking for an immediate solution, you’ll have to go with something else).

@RoadRunner thank you but looking for a system that works with curtains, they are not currently motorized though

Yeah we only have curtains and need motors for them as well. Don’t need anything immediate as we are still thinking about solutions.

Even in Chrome Incognito, It will only let me add 4 Iris contact sensors to cart.

We have two remotes from our original two echoes. One Echo is in the living room. One Echo is in my bedroom. My housemate uses the remote in his room late at night when he wants to quietly turn off lights. The Livingroom’s echo can hear him from his room, but he has to speak fairly loudly. I never use it because I can’t. It’s just another one of those things where some people will find it useful even if others don’t. :sunglasses:

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[quote=“deptrai, post:1309, topic:34950, full:true”]
Even in Chrome Incognito, It will only let me add 4 Iris contact sensors to cart.
[/quote]It let me 6 last night, but after I read this I tried now and it dropped the amount to 4. In the Parcel Shipping box it says:

Only 4 available and ready to ship to you by 03/10/2016.

Perhaps we’ve all bought too many. I’ve got 6 that ordered last night and already shipped plus 4 more that I ordered this morning.

You might add the 3326-L Motion Sensor which is on-sale for 20% off (23.99). That will give you free shipping and then you can use the $10 off $50 coupon, for a total of $58.71+tax.

Last night when I ordered 6 there were only 3 left in that store (but they don’t ship from the store anyway). This morning there were still 3 left in store. Right now the Chelsea store is showing 0 left.

The only time that number available at the store matters is for people who are either shopping in-store or doing an in-store pickup.

Otherwise, you’re just using that site to get the pricing info you can use for online ordering. Online ordering is going to come from their warehouses (if possible)

Generally that’s how it works.

You would think that was how it works, but Lowe’s seems to do their own thing. Of the Osram lights I did receive 1 shipment came from NC warehouse, and the other came from a store in CT.
When I talked to them about the “in process” Garden spots that they keep emailing me every day saying they didn’t ship yet , but are expected to ship today, he claimed he was going to call the store mgr and find out what the delay was.

That was why I put the “if possible”. They will try to use up stock that hasn’t been shipped anywhere yet and then reach out to stores for stock after.

I just found a few about an hour away for $7.92! All the other locations around have them in the $70 range. I placed two separate orders online, so we’ll see if I get confirmation tomorrow…

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