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Yes because sometimes the bulbs won’t respond and/or the color is not working properly. It was bugging me for a while where I would have to adjust the color or dim level just to get the light to turn on. Even then sometimes you have to hit the physical switch on/off once to reset so it will respond.

sounds like more trouble than the GEs. Will do some research before I decide to pick them up

Finally a deal my local Lowe’s has! ordered 1 kit and 2 bulbs. $43 for 3 smart bulbs is pretty good in my book! Thanks @dshokouhi

I couldnt find the gateway locally and didnt want to pay 6 bucks shipping. So I called Best Buy and they price matched with free shipping.

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I’m very tempted to get some of these, but if they have any flakiness to them like the GE bulbs, I would rather not. I have 1 or 2 GE bulbs that just like to do their own thing. Where I would put these, that would be really annoying. Do they work consistently (no disregarding on/off commands) if they are updated to the latest firmware?


Also I believe you can connect these to the Hue Hub as well, but not positive. You would still want to update the firmware first.

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Woot $69.99 Samsung camera that looks promising: Samsung SNH-E6413BMR SmartCam 1080p Wi-Fi IP Camera - White

Note MJPEG streaming under Specs. This THEORETICALLY means it’s SmartTiles compatible. But it definitively IS NOT SmartThings compatible.

Reviews are also mixed.

I just picked up a bunch of these bulbs plus one kit to get the hub in case of.
I tried the first one, and it didn’t need the update it worked straight away, and so far (2h) it’s been reliable.
But YMMV, maybe early release of some bulbs have older versions.

I’ll do the update on one of the bulbs and see if there is any differences.

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I just picked up seven on my way home from work. They paired up quickly and are working fine for me. I am using them on outdoor fixtures, and even with the distance / brick walls they have no issues (thus far). I did pair them inside close to the hub though.

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Did anyone else catch the mistake on Lowes.com last night? Lightify LED expansion strips were $7! They were marked 35$ but when you clicked it it came up as $7 ($5.84 with coupon… Actually they were $5.26 each after I used a gift card purchased at 10% off.)
Just checked and it has been corrected at my store. Might want to check your stores site.

Products Ordered Unit Price Quantity Total

Lightify 48-in Plug-in Under Cabinet LED Tape Light
Item #: 672690 Model #: 73698 $5.84 14 $81.76

Lightify 48-in Plug-in Under Cabinet LED Tape Light
Item #: 672690 Model #: 73698 $5.82 2 $11.64

Unfortunately, even on USB power, the HEM G1 DSB09 does not act as a repeater node. This was implemented only in our Gen5 z-wave battery sensors that can be powered via USB power.

Chris Cheng
Field Application Engineer
Aeon Labs

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Make sure you guys are using the lowes generator to get 10% off your online orders for these lighify products! (the 20 off 100 codes and the 10 off 50 didn’t work for me, but the 10% ones did)

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Mini Amazon Echos (echo dot) for whomever has an echo.


You can also order it if you have a Fire TV :stuck_out_tongue: like me

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If 10 off 50 or any code doesn’t work go back refresh the page and get a new code. Sometime you get a bad one.

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I tried a few of the 20 off 100, i only tried 1 10 off 50, but didn’t want to split my order up that much(Lazy today i guess)

More info / discussion over here =D

lol yep been there searching for an $0.89 to break the $50 threshold. 20 off 100 is dead for now. They need a real 20 off 100 to get it going again.
So if anyone has a $20 off $100 (used is OK too). Please contact renovopower.com or me.

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You beat me to it . I was hoping for closer to $49 than $89 though. Since we got our first 2 Echoes during the $99 invite sale.


I’m sure they’ll go on sale once in a while…Probably not for a while though