Belkin Wemo activating Zwave devices

I just went by a local store and they had the motion sensor + electric outlet pack in stock… at 99€ I was tempted to buy it…


will I have independent control over both devices or are they linked together?

Meaning, can I set up an action where X Zwave motion sensor (not the wemo one) activates the wemo outlet or the other way around, motion detected by the wemo sensor activates a zwave switch?

Any insights on this?

YES! At first I thought you were saying the price was .99 cents! I see you are in Spain not US…

The WeMo stuff does not work perfect with ST, it’s still in “ST Labs”. Twice now I had to uninstall my WeMo devices then reinstall them. Both times I had to do this because ST stopped communicating with my WeMo Motion, this last time was caused by the major overhaul of the ST platform two weeks ago.

Hey Dave!

I’m in Sunny-but-freaggin-cold Spain! lol!

So I would be safe if I were to buy the pack and use each device independently?

EDIT: Oh! And sorry to disappoint ya… it’s 99 EUROS I’m talking about… :frowning:

I don’t see any advantage to using the wemo devices — seems that sticking to zwave/zigbee would be preferable.


There is at least ONE advantage where I live at least… availability! lol!

Wemo’s I’ve seen them in stores near my home… while Zwave/Zigbee I have to order online with an extra charge for shipping…

Apart from that… technically… I don’t know…

I have 12 Wemo Light switches, 22 Wemo switches, 8 Wemo motion, and 5 Wemo Insight… I offer any of them to anyone who wants to buy them - they are incredibly unreliable - across the board, there are problems with the WiFi stack (even four firmware versions later), they “stick” with IFTT and ST and in general work only about 9 out of 10 times. They are fun as toys but will frustrate you to death if you try and rely on them. I have since replaced all light switches, outlets, and motion sensors (a huge cost) with Z-Wave and Zigbee units attached to ST and everything works fine now!! And, I can rely on it all the time (with Internet connectivity) The only benefit to the Wemo line is that the local programming of events on the motion to outlets works without the cloud. Just spend the time and extra shipping to buy the GE products or other “Things” from ST. You will have a much happier satisfaction and experience - plus you might not pull all your hair out trying to troubleshoot.

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I think it’s a bad idea. Zwave/zigbee devices are first class citizens in most home automation systems. The wemo support is tacked on.