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I just found a few about an hour away for $7.92! All the other locations around have them in the $70 range. I placed two separate orders online, so we’ll see if I get confirmation tomorrow…

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I got a notice from Lowes that 3 of the contact sensors in my last order are delayed by a week. The order was for 4 of them!

I will tel you what, it is interesting going from zip to zip on lowes website. One thing here is 39 and when I looked at it in Cali it was 49, crazy.

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How do I cancel the order? I ordered 6 but frankly I cant think of any use for these sensors.
[/quote]I can beat that. Last night I ordered four (couldn’t get a fifth in the cart) and realized I have no earthly use for these. I looked at canceling, but it was late and I just lost interest, so there the order sat. This morning I woke to the hint to add a motion sensor to four contact sensors to jump the order over $50 for free shipping AND $10 off. So now, have en route 8 contact sensors and one motion detector - all that I still have no earthly idea how I’m going to use.

P.S. The first order has been delayed to a 3/14 ship date. Obviously, I’m in no rush.

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also note that these are zigbee (if it matters), and have no aux wiring inputs for re-purposing like the monoprice/schlage design, (however it does measure temp, which many don’t do)

I have 3 or 4 of the monoprice/schlage design which I’m going to swap out for the 4 Iris contact switches that I ordered. I figure I can repurpose the older units into a smoke detector:

or a water leak detector:

or a pressure sensor:

I have to justify my purchases somehow! I just couldn’t pass up that deal and like many of you, I bought them before I figured out what I was going to do with them.


I am seeing a pattern here with these Lowe’s deals. I just got shipping on 1/3 of the order.
The 2 PIRs and 1 of the O/C sensors shipped. Remaining 5 O/C are " in process". Difference this time is they actually charged me for the whole order and not just the items shipped.

All five of mine shipped from my local store, but thankfully at the Chelsea price! :smiley:

they did that last month for me. said partial shipment, charged full amt, and 1 tracking number for the partial shipment. the second shipment; no tracking or email, no notification that it was sent. both partial and remainder shipment arrived same day.

Managed to order around 20 units but it took four separate orders over two days. We will see how many show up. Now all windows will be monitored.

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Thanks for the post on the contact sensors. Weird though, I switched to the chelsea store and placed the order to ship me 5. Was checking the stock and the store shows 0 stock. Weird that they would seel for that price but ship from another store or warehouse. Either way, not complaining, I got the 5 I needed :slightly_smiling:

Got my shipping notice :tada:

I order tons of stuff from Lowe’s and get deliveries 2-3 a week, Multiple item orders are always shipped in several deliveries. I ordered four 4" junction box covers and they all arrived separately in 16x12 envelops. Items were 0.60 each. shipping had to cost more.
Today I received 1 of 4 Osram tunable bulbs, It was packed in a 12x12x12 box with a half a roll of bubble wrap.
As a stock holder the waste concerns me.


Has anyone else received this bulb that was backordered about a month ago?

Save some for the rest of us!

Standard White switch guards for $2 sold in a two-pack at Amazon.com Free shipping for Prime users.

Update: Amazon now requires. $25 purchase as an add-on item to purchase at this price.

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I ordered and received 2.

Just got shipping notice for the other 5 OC sensors. Both halves of the order are coming from 30 miles from me in RI via Fedex ground, so will probably be here in a week. I guess just putting them in a padded envelope USPS with $0.50 stamp would be too hard.

Same here, (well they arrived Wednesday), when I saw the size of the box I assumed it would have all 5 bulbs and the hub. Nope just the 1 bulb/hub combo. I have another 2 unopened 12x12 boxes allegedly containing 3 Gardenspot extensions. I’m not even going to open until I get the actual Gardenspots in case I decide to just take them still sealed and return it to the store.
It isn’t that I need them in a hurry , I am just tired of the daily emails telling me they have been delayed but will ship today , okay yesterday’s ( 10th ) email said they would ship on 11th ( today)

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Has anyone else received this (Sengled) bulb that was backordered about a month ago?
[/quote]Not yet … and I’d almost completely forgot these were coming.

(@TEWphotography didn’t you order before everyone else?)

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(however it does measure temp, which many don’t do)
[/quote](Re: Iris contact sensor) The last 4 I ordered I only plan to use as temperature sensors. Two in the attic, 2 in the cellar.