I currently have the IKEA Praktlysing blind up and running via the method described here. However, it’s a bit convoluted and won’t work when DTH are retired.

I haven’t found any Edge Drivers that work with the new Praktlysing and Tredansen blinds despite trying for a few months. Does anyone know of an Edge Driver that will work?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just removed my Praktlysing blind and re-added it. It connected using the standard Zigbee Window Treatment Edge Driver and works flawlessly! Before SmartThings would report the blind as opened when it was closed and vice versa. It now displays the state correctly. Even battery is displayed (how accurate the reading is, I don’t know). On the home screen, pressing the smalle circle button now opens the blind if it’s closed and closes it if it’s open. Before this button would take it to the preset position - I prefer it this way, but some might not.

yes and no,
I am almost sure that the code is there. Because Ikea follows the standard and guidelines.

No because the fingerprints (device names) are not added , so the code is not lined to the new devices.

Smartthings team is somewhat lazy when it comes to blinds curtains. And easy fix will stay in the backlog for months.

Didn’t you add one of these devices to your driver at some point, or am I wrong?

Dang, too bad. If adding the fingerprints is all it needs it sucks that Samsung hasn’t just added them. Guess I’ll have to wait a little (much?) longer then.

I don’t remember (as I don’t own the newest he from Ikea), let me check

there are

- id: "ikea/fyrtur"   (I have these)
    deviceLabel: "FYRTUR block-out roller Blind"
    manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
    model: "FYRTUR block-out roller Blind"
    deviceProfileName: blind

  - id: "ikea/tredansen" (haven't heard any feedback)
    deviceLabel: "TREDANSEN block-out cellul blind"
    manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
    model: "TREDANSEN block-out cellul blind"
    deviceProfileName: blind

So Tredansen should work, right? :thinking:

There is no clear policy or process for adding device support. Or at least I didn’t see anything. Especially from unofficial sources, there are PR’s from September 2021
you can see Pull requests · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers · GitHub

If you find Steven Green’s contacts, let him know that there are many low-hanging fruits just waiting to be picked. It will take less than 4 hours to make a review and make many people happy.

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Hi Andrew,
Do you have a thread for the driver you created for the IKEA window blinds? i tried hunting, didnt find any. as i understand, you have added the fingerprint for the tredansen blinds in your driver, am i right?


there is no thread, as the driver is fairly simple and not tested well.
The driver is just a copy of one issued by ST team with the Zigbee group support, just to have a direct command from Ikea remotes.

there is a fingerprint for

  - id: "ikea/tredansen"
    deviceLabel: "TREDANSEN block-out cellul blind"
    manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
    model: "TREDANSEN block-out cellul blind"
    deviceProfileName: blind

but I don’t remember if anybody came back reviewing this device. However, people usually don’t give any feedback while it is functioning and return when it stops working.

HI Andrew,

Thank you for the quick reply. at first i didnt understand what you meant by “just to have a direct command from Ikea remotes”. did some reading and I got to another thread on the fyrtur that you had replied to and saw more related discussion. I also came across someone saying that the driver worked until it stopped suddenly. not much clarity on the entire picture.
another person also tried your driver and went to look for your thread came back saying couldnt find any and the conversation died there.
I will try it your driver out when circumstances permit and reply here. thank you for your work.

long story short … most of the Zigbee buttons can send commands to devices without a hub.

We need a hub and an app to create groups and to alternate or extend behavior.
If you want to keep the behavior pre-programmed by Ikea in the remote you just put the remote and blinds in the same group. Then this group will be functional even ST hub is turned off.

For example: I have 3 blinds on my balcony - i got 3 remotes with them.
One of the remotes I have assigned to direct command to all the blinds. (no rules in the ST app, just use them as Ikea programmed)

The second remote I assigned to be a light switch in a room via ST automation.

And the third one is a scene activator remote. It starts an ST scene that closes blinds, regardless of which button was pushed.

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Thank you for the summary Andrew.
I just setup 2 tredansen blinds and a remote yesterday. paired all devices into ST and into the same group. but the key presses didnt make any movement. ended up making automations for key presses to make any movement on the blinds.
i did reset the remote to get it to pair to ST.
with the automations, the blinds work as intended. thank you for your driver.
Moreover, do you know what the window shade percentage value indicate? its usually at 50% changing the slider sometimes makes movement on the shades. then the value changes back to 50% is it broken generally or for the tredansen or just for me?
Im still playing around with the equipment. Since its installed in our bedroom, im getting limited playtime. :sweat_smile:

probably the percentage report from the tredansen blinds is not the same as from the previous generation of blinds.
I can take a look if you can send me logs in a PM.

i will be back with the logs after I learn how to do that. is it using the CLI? any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.

yes, it’s in CLI, Im on phone now so don’t have access to the shortcuts. search for Smartthings CLI on the GitHub there are binaries and docs

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I’m late to this but I just installed some Ikea Blinds and they work flawlessly with Smartthings now!