PowerNode plug (GreenWave) to power trigg?

Which device handler are you using? The flashing lights issue shouldn’t occur if you are using mine (though I’d like to know if you are and it’s still an issue).

Yeah I’m using yours. In the settings I haven’t changed the #1 Keep-Alive Time setting so I assume it’s the default at 255. Could it be network issues resulting in #4 triggering? I’m not sure how I’d check this.

Love the handler by the way, thank you very much!

You may find it’s still 2, if you have changed device handlers. You’re best explicitly setting it to 255.

Hi, I am still struggling with getting the greenwave device working with smart things ide, i am a newbie with this stuff but a fast learner. I followed this https://github.com/codersaur/SmartThings#device-handler-installation-procedure but when i add the device handler and publish i dont get an option in my devices i.e the deviec is not there. I think there is a lack of instruction from my point of view. E.g. the device is plugged into the power does it need to be in a particular setting before i connect to the IDE setup do i need to connect my phone to it via wifi, put it in setup mode? None of this is discussed so i am a little frustrated. Can someone please do A, B, C and dont miss points, thank you so much.


@Colin_Mc_Hugo, you still need to add the device to SmartThings using your phone app first. See https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-gb/articles/205956950-How-to-connect-and-configure-new-devices

I’ve updated my installation instructions to clarify too.

Zcapr17 i have tried to follow your instructions and i am technial but i cant pass the first basic steps as in adding the device to the hub. It doesnt see it either in automatic mode and manual you cant select any generic selection on specific types of outlets etc. Can you assist ?

Still nothing on the 6-plug one? I only see 2/6 on my greenwave PowerNode with 6 plugs

Would love to get the 6plugs version!

Mr @zcapr17, are you in Europe or the US? I’m thinking of lending you my 5 node version, as only 1 node works for me, it would be awesome to get all 5 working separately…

Hey folks, I am pretty confused about this device. I ordered the dual 6-outlet version and received a whole kit with 2x6 outlet, 2x1 outlet, a hub and a wireless monitor. Do I need to pair these with ST through the included hub? They don’t show up in the pairing process even after I’ve added this DTH and followed all guides.

The ‘kit’ that you have from the deal a couple weeks ago is programmed from the factory to already be paired to the included hub. Do an inclusion originating from the SmartThings hub and hit the little reset button to unpair first. Then you should be able to include and pair the device.