[OBSOLETE] Greenwave PowerNode 6

This is my first device type. I decided to puchase a SmartThings hub last week and realized there was no DTH for the greenwave 6 node device. Since I have 5 of these I really needed a handler before being able to implement the hub in my house.

The parent and child DTH can be found below. Make sure to create both handlers from code, save and publish before adding the powernode to your hub. The child devices for each node are created when the device is added to SmarThings, so swapping DTH’s afterwards does not work.


Firstly thank you for the DTH :slight_smile:
I added both Device Types to my Smartthings and publish them. I am able to add the PowerNode 6. First it is show like a Relay and I edit the Device on the API Web interface and assign the the DTH Parent.
Now Im able to switch on and switch off! :slight_smile: But you say that it should appear another 6 child devices but it is not appear to me.
What is wrong? Can I add the 6 childs manually? Should the Device be recognized by default like the Green Power Node 6 device type? Can it be related to fingerprint or something like these?

Thank you!

The 6 child devices are created at the time the device is registered in SmartThings. If you added the DTH after it was installed, you can remove the device and add it again. That should create the child devices as well.

But I’m curious, there are powernodes for different countries, it might be the vendor and product code not being picked up. I’ll check that.

Edit: all different country models have the same product/vendor combo so that cant be it.

@CopyCat73 I don’t think you’re around these parts anymore, but well done at giving this a go. It just needs a small tweak. I can control all 6 nodes on the power strip (for 2 years I was using it as a “Z-wave relay device”, i.e. Using only one socket so this is a vast improvement), and it works snappy. The issue is refreshing the power consumption. I have to manually click the"refresh" tile within each device page to get the Watts to update. So when I first put an appliance in any socket, it jumps straight up to say 5 watts, but if I take the appliance out of the socket it stays at 5 watts. But manually refreshing the page adjusts it correctly.
All the code needs is “if power changes, refresh tile”, but I don’t see where to do it.
Tagging @cjcharles @erocm1231 @anon36505037 in case they can help and want a beer. Or @krlaframboise as this device is VERY similar to the Zooz power strip you just did.

EDIT, just had a look at the code properly and changing my response - Simple solution is doing a 5minute poll in the parent device handler since Poll has been a broken part of ST for a while in my experience (doing it in the parent is easier to manage I think).

Underneath line 169 of the parent handler where it says:

Add this extra line:

If you want to look for changes or do an automatic push for changes then I think you will need to find the Powernode Z-wave configuration parameters as it will probably be a setting on the device itself. It looks like the device should do automatic pushing of updates (rather than polling) to the controller (SmartThings), but clearly it doesnt work well, hence why I think there must be some configuration parameters. Sadly I cant find anything online which lists them, so you would probably need to speak to Greenwave if you don’t want the above solution.

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Thanks @cjcharles that did it, i did email Greenwave for DTH a few years ago but they weren’t very helpful. So this solution is ok i guess for an obsolete device. i did have a Piston send a refresh command every 20 seconds which worked but not ideal!

@Alwas I adapted the code based on @cjcharles suggestion. These power nodes are notoriously unreliable in sending updates so you have to actively poll them. 5 minutes should be ok; I have 5 of these and basically each poll sends info about the main and 6 child nodes, if you’d do this every minute it would flood my z-wave network :slight_smile:

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I am surprised these don’t get more attention. I installed one yesterday, following the OP’s instruction to install the Device Handlers first. It works perfectly. At $19.99 compared to other similar products for $79, this is a great deal.

I agree, this is a great deal. It was a little down in the search results on amazon and the page didn’t have many details so it looks a bit sketchy. I’m wondering if they are UL certified since it’s so cheap? Just ordered one anyway.

Thanks for the DTH!

thanks for the DTH, ordered 2 on Amazon for use around the home… waiting for it to get delivered…

Thanks for the DTH, works quite well.
The DTH polls every 5 minutes the different child devices, and power and energy is updated correctly for each child.

The only problem is the total power and energy used, - as stated in the mother device - stays zero, it says it has been updated (at least the last updated time changes), but no data is fetched.

Maybe it doesn’t matter, but in the log files the polling looks a bit weird: “Polling Powerstrip - null”

Any clue on how to fix this?

Hey folks, I am pretty confused about this device. I ordered the dual 6-outlet version and received a whole kit with 2x6 outlet, 2x1 outlet, a hub and a wireless monitor. Do I need to pair these with ST through the existing hub? They don’t show up in the pairing process even after I’ve added these DTHs and followed all guides.

Same thing here. Ordered the two strips and got the whole kit. Took a little digging but got the strips and plugs fully working.

  1. Install the two device handlers from this thread (parent and child DTH)
  2. Install the DTH for the single outlet plugs that I linked at the bottom of this post
  3. Plug in one of the devices (strip or single plug)
  4. Press and hold the small white sync button for a few seconds until the lights start rotating
  5. If lights are rotating clockwise, use the ST app to add the device.
    If lights are rotating counter-clockwise, it’s in exclusion mode. See my notes at the bottom for that.

The strips should automatically add all 6 outlets plus 1 device for the whole strip.

The plugs will be detected as “Z-Wave Relay” and need to be changed in the ST IDE

  1. Go to the IDE → My Devices
  2. Click on the plug (eg. “Z-Wave Relay”)
  3. Click edit at the bottom of the page
  4. Change “Type” to “GreenWave PowerNode (Single) Advanced” to use the DTH I linked at the bottom

Exclusion (counter-clockwise lights)

  1. Plug in the gateway that came in the box (shouldn’t need network)
  2. Wait a minute for it to power up
  3. Press and hold the green sync button on the gateway until the lights rotate counter-clockwise like they do on the strip/plug
  4. When both the strip/plug are in exclusion mode, it should just take a second before the light stops rotating which means it’s been excluded from the hub
  5. Now you can press and hold the sync button on the strip/plug again and it should go clockwise and be ready to add to ST.
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That’s the ticket! Exclude the plug from the original GreenWorks hub first.

  1. Hold the hub sync until counter clockwise lights.
  2. Then press the plug sync button (lights should rotate counter-clockwise).
  3. Solid green lights on both hub and plug means success. Blinking green means you might need to repeat.

If plug lights rotate clockwise, it’s ready to be connected to SmartThings.

Glad that worked for you! Took me a while to figure that out and felt stupid when I did lol.

If you happen to find any use for the display that came with the kit, let me know. I spent an ungodly amount of time looking around and I’m sure it’s useless with anything but their system, but you never know.

Yeah me too. “Exclusion” of devices wasn’t something that had occurred to me.

I admit I haven’t touched the display. My 3-year-old is actually running around with it somewhere. I am supposing that the the plugs would phone back to the hub for electrical usage data, and the hub would send info to the display - I am supposing this is with a proprietary protocol, but who knows? I read somewhere that since the hub itself is out of service, it attempts to connect to a domain that is down and then gives up. I may poke at it a bit later to see if there’s anything interesting to be done with it.

Where did you guys buy the 6 node plug from? Do you have a link? And how are the plugs performing with the above listed DTH? I’ve found on/off responds instantly in the app, but power reporting isn’t instant. The power report/refresh interval in the DTH is set to 5 minutes, continuously, whether the plugs are on or off, and can’t be changed afterwords, so if that’s too little or too much for you, you’d need to change that before you include. Interested to hear your results.

Edit. Line 177

def initialize() {

Bought through an ebay deal through Monoprice seller a few weeks ago.
Interesting about the power polling frequency - what is the disadvantage to this?

TLDR: There are 4 inputs on the strip version (two on the plug version). These 4 inputs include an intelligence test button by the cable, a sync button on the opposite side, a color selection wheel near the sync button and the power button on the front.

I can’t get the strip to rotate counter clockwise, also what is the deal with the wheel and what is the small button by the cable?

NM Got it working. The wheel selects the color and I still can’t figure out what the white button is by the cable. The sync button is another button that I found hidden. All is well now thanks guys

Well done! The button by the cable is an intelligence test, I think to see how long it takes to realise it does nothing. I saw no mention of it in the manual I found online, so decided it was pointless.