Powered sensor

Is there a powered z-wave sensor available?


I have a need where power is available and I want to avoid having to change batteries.

Do you specifically want an open/close sensor?

Yes, switched by a magnet. I want to put it into a PVC fence post and the magnet in the gate which would make it completely invisible.

Some sensors can last 3 years without changing batteries (and even give you battery life indicators so you can change them in advance). The wiring may end up being more of an eye sore and more to conceal than it may be worth.

I haven’t seen any powered contact sensors as you describe. One could be made with an SmartThings Arduino Shield. is you were so inclined.

I don’t mind battery when inside, but when it is 20 below zero, batteries seem less reliable when you need them the most. Who wants to change batteries in these conditions let alone do they work. In my case nothing will be visible since the unit is behind the PVC.

Arduino Shield would work. I’m thinking of using Fortrezz IMOlite with a door switch:


I’ve had success with this in a garage. Just seems overkill. But then again, I may be able to use it to add an alarm when opening and closing the gate when unattended.

What about just hard wiring like you would a wired home security door/window. I’m not sure if there is a zwave product that would monitor an open/close connection imitating what a security panel does but I bet someone on here is smart enough to figure it out. Or if you had a security panel like an Elk that had built in automation you could just wire it up like any other door/window in your house?