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What ZWave device to activate (solder) to my gate door remote opener?

(Ryan Little) #1


So I have a solar powered gate about 350 feet from my home. I was planning on buying the Aeon Garage Door Opener with the Iris close behind, however both are way overkill for what I need.

My plan is to have my remote and attached zwave device close to a window where it can reach the gate.

Second question is I am going to install a standard door sensor on my gate but I am worried it wont be able to reach my home. What is my option? Battery powered motion sensor in-between the gate and my home to act as a repeater the signal?


(Chris) #2

Battery powered devices typically don’t act as repeaters to save power and extend battery life.

(Ryan Little) #3

Darn, make sense. Need a zwave plus repeater and I could plug that into the side of my house, can only find regular ones.


I am using a Fortrezz MIMOLite on my gate opener. The MIMOLite uses 12v that I connected t my gate battery. I can open it and also I connected a wired gate contact sensor. It works great, no problems so far. I tucked the mimo inside the gate controller box. You can not even tell it it is there.

(Eric Brown) #5

Interesting problem. More Z-Wave Plus components are in the pipeline, but I am not aware of many intended for outdoor use. Remember that most powered Z-wave devices (outlets and switches) will also function as Z-wave repeaters, so don’t limit your search to z-wave repeaters.

If you currently open the gate using a remote control, you may be able to just add an intermittent z-wave switch. This can be done programmatically by changing a standard z-wave switch into an intermittent switch (turns on and then off automatically). This was what was done within SmartThings before z-wave garage door openers were commercially available. I know that Aeon Labs has a Nano Dimmer in the pipeline that is designed to go inside of electrical boxes behind existing switches. Housing this device inside a plastic waterproof box should provide sufficient protection in an outdoor environment. A z-wave switch to open and close the gate would also function as a repeater for a battery powered Z-Wave open/close sensor. Since most open/close sensors are intended for indoor use, they would probably require additional weather proof housing as well.

Another alternative would be to run a line from the house to the gate.

(Chris) #6

If you have power available between the house and gate, one of these outdoor light controls would work.

(Ryan Little) #7

Thanks for the information everyone! Going to set something up in the coming weeks and let you know how it turns out.

(Ryan Little) #8

So I was going to get a zwave doorbell for my gate as I don’t want an intercom system. Issue is the transmitter doesn’t work from much of a distance at all.

I am going to get a wireless doorbell. So my way to make that zwave is to plug in the receiver to a zwave outlet and then when it’s activated I will see it in ST, correct? Also would like it to occasionally automatically open if the doorbell is rung via that same method. That will work, correct?