PowerBOT : how to command and order the robots?

Dear all,
I would like to command and order the PowerBOT based on events (It’s 10:00PM for example)

how can I do that?

Thank you for your help

Yes. On the main device settings you can set a schedule based on time. Also within Automations you can setup vacuuming based on events of your other devices.

The only thing I wish they would add is setting up schedules for different days within the main settings.

Hi Scott, thank you for the information. I do not hold the PowerBOT yet, I am investigating the market.

Are you claiming that I can build a software that will command the PowerBOT?

Could you please share the link where I could find such documentation?

Thank you in advance for the time you are investing in my case


Hi @swade, can you tell me more about how can achieve that with Automation? I have Vr9300 added to the ST App and I can control it from there, but it’s not on the devices list when I pick a device for automation.