Powerbot Darth Vader wont work with Alexa & SmartThings app wont map apartment

So, I have an issue adding the whole powerbot to my home, first of all, how do u map the whole thing? I should get a select and go thingy in my smartthings app, but got nada (iOS), and when i ask alexa to get it turned on, it just gets bitchy and says no! -_-

You want the appliances support, not SmartThings.

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Thanks for the info, this whole thing has been just confusing! Just spoke to some support and apparently the products differ in each country as well! Just am I bit astonished how horrible the whole set up can be :slight_smile:

May the Force be with you. Sorry, I couldn’t resist :slight_smile:


Or in the case of SmartThings/Samsung lately…

May the FARCE be with you

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