Power the hub via it's USB port?

Hi all
Can I power the hub via it’s USB port, I have a USB wall socket output to power my Alexa and similar. I would like to do the same with ST. Is it possible?

It is possible but is highly not recommended, device’s health is compromised.

Thanks can you please explain why? Assuming my USB socket provides the nessecary specs for posting the device?


The USB port is Type A - It delivers power… It doesn’t receive power.

I presume there is a regulator circuit to prevent frying the Hub!

Be careful, if there is any regulation circuitry that doesn’t have back voltage protection (or reverse conducts) then you could kill something by providing voltage one side and not the other (i.e voltage on a USB output and not on input). But you could convert the power input to a USB socket assuming you have a 5v power supply (I’m not sure if all Smartthings hubs run at 5v) (i.e. make sure the power enters through the barrel connector)


My hub says 5V 2A so if yours is the same then you could possibly use this (USB to 5.5x2.1 barrel connector (positive center) cable adapter) - which I think is what @cjcharles is suggesting :


Just make sure that the USB power supply/charger can output enough current for your hub. It says 2A but I really doubt it uses that much… if necessary I could do a quick test but it would only capture a moment in time and not any possible spikes (unlikely) that may happen occasionally.

To power mine I actually use a POE splitter with an additional addapter given the barrel connector it uses is too small:


Adapter for the POE splitter as it has a 3.5mm barrel connector:



thanks a lot. so my hub says 5V 2000ma (2A)
regarding the barrel. so 2.1 is the inner? what should the outer be? so for example:
this will not be good: https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32821371432.html because of te barrel size?
thanks for the help

@Guy_Katz - Just like the adapter immediately above this post - 5.5 x 2.1

The aliexpress link points to a cable with a smaller barrel connector which will not work with the Samsung hub.