Thanks to the community

Continuing the discussion from POE for my Smartthings Hub:

I followed your post to the letter, and it worked perfectly. I have to say, I am only moderately impressed with Smart Things so far. But what keeps me with this product is this community. You and others like you have made this product vibraint and successful. And I should give credit where credit is due and thank the people behind Smartthings for making the call to open this up to all of us. I can only speak for myself, but as a customer, I simply love what everyone brings to the table. Thanks to all! And have a happy New Year!
Jay Kelley


Appreciate it buddy! I do what I can but I’m drowned out by the true talent around here who code all these device types and SmartApps for the community, these people are so incredibly smart and I am forever grateful to them.

ST isn’t perfect but nor are a lot of the other platforms, I’m extremely happy where I am and while people feel progress is slow, I see ST getting more and more refined over the years.

As for PoE, mine has been running on it ever since I did that post without any problems at all, I even run my cable modem and router the same way from my PoE switch and with a UPS powering the switch, I still have internet access even if I lose power in the house. What’s your setup like?

Happy New Year!

This is an excellent post. I have theorotically considered doing this, but never got to actually doing it… But this post is going to make me do it!! Excellent! Thanks!

Awesome job. I may just have to do this (except for the fact that I have a Hue bridge on the same switch, so there’ll be slightly more to it :smiley: :D)

I was going to power the Hue bridge via this method as well and it should work, just note that the power socket is not the 2.1mm design, it’s smaller but as long as you can get an adapter or another power cable all together you should be fine, although honestly with the recent community device type for Hue bulbs I’m thinking about ditching the Hue bridge completely.

I toyed with it, but there’s things the bridge does with (for example) Beyond lights and scenes…

Out of curiosity what do you use it for? I don’t even use scenes…