Power Strip Recommendations

I’m looking for recommendations for a power strip that would work well for automating aquarium lights, pumps, etc. Looking for something that runs pure local in the event of an internet outage. I have looked at the zooz zwave and Kasa Wifi models, but have heard the Kasa is very noisy on the Wifi. Any recommendations for 2023?

Wait for Matter? I would expect to see multiple new candidates in this device class by the end of the summer, and they should all run locally.

In any case, check specs carefully for the pump. :thinking: For example, the Zooz zen20

  • Maximum Load: 15Amps TOTAL between 5 outlets

The Meross and Kasa HS300 are the same.

That may be enough, but check to be sure. In any case, definitely get something ETL or UL listed so it can handle the inrush current.

All of that said, I personally don’t put anything on SmartThings that would endanger health or safety (including of animals) if it failed. So I might put lights on it, but probably not the pump. That’s not just me: SmartThings says the same thing. The platform shouldn’t be used for anything where unreliability might cause significant loss. Obviously that’s your choice. :tropical_fish::tropical_fish::tropical_fish:


$5 rotary dumb timer from anywhere will likely be more reliable and dead simple.

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But not nearly as fun.


I want to be able to easily turn individual pieces on and off without unplugging them or digging behind the tank. Like shutting off the pump for 15 minutes during feeding and then not forgetting to turn it back on, or shutting off the lights for a short time during a theatre scene.

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@BarryA recently added Kasa power strips to his Edge Driver, so it should run locally.

Fun gets old after the n’th time! For example, I’ve tried resetting and adding a WeMo smart (sic) plug at least a dozen times that zombied on me for the n’th time when we had a split second power outage. Still no luck. I can’t believe how poorly designed some of this stuff is, and this is Belkin we’re talking about. I should just be able to unplug it and plug it back in, but it just doesn’t work like that. Actually I don’t know how it is supposed to work because it currently doesn’t work.


I’ve slowly been ridding myself of Belkin’s so-called smart stuff. Just awful.

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Do you know if it still requires the Kasa app for setup, or is it directly into ST?

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Have we seen anything new come up since this thread? I’ve been searching for a smart power strip - preferably Zigbee as I’m trying to move away from Zwave.

Nothing yet, the whole matter rollout slowed down since I previously posted due to the various implementation issues around matter bridges and around thread. Now that those have mostly been resolved, it will probably pick up again, but no promises. :thinking:

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