Power sensor for Samsung washer in Home Assistant

My Samsung washer and dryer expose lots of sensors in Home Assistant. Not all of them are populated with data, for example the power sensor. Why is that and will Samsung populate this sensor in the future?

This is probably better answered in the Home Assistant forums. But I’ll take a stab at it here. Do you have multiple entities listed for your washer/dryer? For example, a single smart plug that I have in SmartThings shows up in Home Assistant as something like the following:


The catch here might be that Samsung washers/dryers are (I think) direct-connected devices (meaning they connect directly to SmartThings cloud and don’t go through a hub). I think those show up slightly different in SmartThings API, so that could be why you don’t see anything in Home Assistant.

I’ll also note that it depends on your version of Home Assistant. A few months ago they rolled out a whole Energy dashboard, which changed how entities list things like energy/power. They used to be attributes on the main entity, and are now their own separate entities.

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This is an example of a washer and its entities in HA:

As you can see Energy Meter and Power Meter list as Unknown. Energy is populated with data. Power is always 0, and so are EnergySaved and PowerEnergy. I would like Power to show the current wattage during operation. Why expose the entities if they are 0 all the time?

That is a good question but not surprising.

I am pretty sure that those values will be always unknown or 0. The washers has a different UI where the energy data is stored as historical data.

I would do an API or SmartThings’ CLI call to chech what the device really exposes. I think the energy usage is stored on a sub-level, and the other two things are just empty, and the capability reference has the information only about energy metering to fit into other schemes of the platform, like send notification when the daily consumed value is more than 5kW.