Samsung smart plug power monitoring

I am using a Samsung smartthings plug for monitoring the power consumption of my dryer but struggling to understand it as when i look at hourly usage and add them up for instance 6894.3w then look at the daily usage it is saying 468.5w how is it working this out and am i missing some thing .

If you dont mind me asking, how are you using a Smartthings plug to monitor a dryer? To my knowledge, ST never made a 220v smart plug.

ST did make a UK smart plug (220v); I have two of them.

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The rate of consumption of energy is measured in watts.
Power consumption over a period of time is measured in watt hours.
(other units of measurement are available).
I admit I have not used my ST smart plugs for this yet.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that.

They didn’t make one for the US: they had to make them for the UK since that’s the standard voltage there.

That said, there are US market washer/dryer combos that run on regular 120 voltage (I have one from LG), typically 13A.

Personally, I wouldn’t put anything over 10A on a SmartThings smart plug, but the specs did vary from model to model.

I get meshurment of power is measured in wots over time the thing is when i look at hourly and add them up fot the day it is considerably more than the meshurment for the daily graf so they dont add up