Power outlet off at zero power?

Kinda having a hard time getting GitHub integrated. The instructions given: Here don’t work. There’s no “Enable GitHub Integration” link in my IDE console.

Try this link to the CoRE Wiki

Yeah… that’s where the link came from.

CoRE Wiki —> CoRE SmartApp Installation —> GitHub Installation —> SmartThings GitHub Documentation —> Click the Enable GitHub Integration link on the My SmartApps or My Device Handlers page.

There’s no “Enable GitHub Integration” link on the My SmartApps or My Device Handlers page.

Do you have these areas in your SmartThings App IDE?

Then follow the instructions in the Core Wiki to publish.

No, in my ST IDE https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/ide/apps I don’t have anything except “You don’t have any apps yet. Add one now.”

Hold up… there seems to be a 2nd Location in my ST IDE

I’ve deleted it and managed to get past step 1 & 2 in the instructions.

I can’t find the SmartApp on my phone now though.

“SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: This doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere but after you follow the above steps to install CoRE into your ST IDE, you will need to actually load it onto your mobile app to use it. This is merely done by adding the smartapp as you would any other. The only difference is that on your mobile app (the ST app on your phone) the CoRE smartapp you created is located in the Marketplace under “My Apps” which is at the bottom of the list of apps”

I don’t have a “My Apps” sections under Marketplace and SmartApps

Check the Automation section in the SmartThings App. This is where the SmartApps you have added to the IDE reside.

Nope, it’s not there.

On the CoRE WiKi there’s a link for the US IDE and another for the UK IDE

If I click on the US Users link https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ I can see the SmartApp in there.

If I click the UK Users link https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/ Ther’es nothing there.

Is this all because the SmartApp has been installed in the US IDE Console but my mobile is currently in the UK, where I live?

Not sure, possibly. I’m located in US. You might have to post your issue in the Core Get Peer Assistance thread.


Thanks Kurt, must have been frustrating… I could almost hear you screaming “It’s right there in front of your face”

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@BobbyBrownPants… Well sometimes the SmartThings UI behaves differently between PC, iOS and Android. But SmartThings has also introduced geo-locational variability and that is a wrinkle that I cannot seem to troubleshoot. Luckily in the Core Peer Assistant forum, they have people in UK that can help. You will like CoRE once you get the handle of it. I rarely develop anything outside of it because I can create a CoRE piston rapidly, the UI is consistent, and I can monitor it using their real-time dashboard…

Seems there’s no GitHub integration in the UK version and the only way to add SmartApps is to copy the code and do it that way.

Only problem with this is that you’ll have to keep copying the code whenever it gets updated.

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Luckily the CoRE code is pretty stable and the latest features that are being added usually are not ones that would affect current basic pistons.

Even with the GitHib integration, one has to go to the SmartThings IDE and perform several manual steps. Seems like all the GitHub integration saves one is the cut & paste, and perhaps one or two steps to locate the code repositories.

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Smartthings shard@ eu01-euwest1 appears to be having problems at the moment…Cant login let alone do anything else currently.


And typically just as I post that it all comes back!!

GitHub is working on the shard:

Question - very interested in having the ability to see power usage. Reading this thread is there a piston already created or a repo to download? Thank you in advance

I want to install a zwave outlet for my TV. I have ST and harmony hub. I want to be able to understand if TV is powered on. I currently have one zwave outlet attached to electric fireplace to test with. Harmony is great but if I invoke a harmony activity via ST, say in good night routine in attempt to turn everything off and TV is already off it will turn it on.

Hope I’m explaining right. Thanks for reply

Ok I have ST and Harmony Hub (no LT Remote). What I realized after setting up is that if the wife and kid use the manufactures remotes to turn on TV I noticed the activity in ST would not change from OFF to ON. I also realized in the LT app their is no way to determine if the TV is on or off. Question - So if the TV was turned on with the manufactures remote, I should not expect ST Harmony Activity to update from OFF to ON. Now I use ST “Watch TV [Harmony Activity]” which displays “OFF” and set to “ON”. The TV and cable box as per the activity shut both off. One assumption is that the command to turn tv power on and off is the same. So now I have ST displaying ON but TV is off. Hopefully I got all this correct, will try again when I get them away from the TV. What I wanted was to be able to tell if the TV was physically on or off. I realized the value in the LT remote so activities are executed and ST is correctly updated. But those remote are expensive. My thought was if I could measure the power draw when the TV was on versus off I could create a piston in webcore that basically said if power >x set virtual device TV to ON and vice versa.

Anyway feedback welcome. Thanks…

Create a LT activity that just turns device on and off. create the piston to monitor power drawer and set virtual device so I can actually tell if on or off. Should work?