Make SmartPower Outlet turn off after 2 secs?

How can I change the device handler of a SmartPower Outlet so that when I turn it on it turns back off after 1 or 2 secs? Is that possible?

It’s possible, but it wouldn’t be reliable. Zigbee and z-wave protocols aren’t really made for quickly timed communication like that.

I can set the power allowance for 0 mins to turn off after turning on but that turns it off real fast I need another sec I think

You can try with webcore

You won’t be able to get resolution less than 60 seconds reliably because of cloud processing. And with the smartlighting smartapp to get local processing - assuming it’s a locally processed device, I think the smallest resolution is one minute.

What are you actuality trying to do, Ricky? (what’s the end result you’re looking for)

Im trying to make a momentary closed circuit for 1 sec but it can be up to 5 seconds. If I use the smart power outlet and add a power allowance rule for 0 mins I can make the smart outlet shut right off and I think its going to work just fine, Im testing it now. The other way of doing this was going to be with a 12v timed relay plugged into the smart switch.

So what I have is a smart outlet that turns on then right off and that triggers a 12v power adapter that feeds a 12v relay :slight_smile: to give me a momentary switch.

So if it wasn’t for the Power Allowance under smart apps I couldn’t pull this off unless I found a way to change the handler.

I had this very conundrum when automating some curtains. I found that anything under 10-15 seconds was not reliable using a smart outlet.

I have solved this using a Fibaro single relay (FGS-212) which has an option of auto off after a defined number of seconds. That way you only need to trigger the ‘on’ part. It has a dry contact so you can switch any voltage you want and also runs as a generic Z-wave device allowing local execution. You just have to set the auto off function using the correct DTH or Z-wave tweaker first and then change to the generic if you want local execution.

Been working now for over a year without issue.

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