Power outlet confusion

Yes, I have mine on Good Night routine - this works when the motion sensors downstairs start detecting no movement with a time limit of 15 minutes between 10:00pm and 2:00am. I also have these on a timed routine of on at 4:00pm and off at 11:00pm it works with both of these actions. The time thing seems strange - just check the time is setup correctly in the IDE.


Thanks Jamie.

Where do I need to check in the IDE? I can’t see any time setting for my hub.

I also have good morning set when things start happening between 07:00-07:30 which has been working.
Good night is set when things quiet down between 23:00-02:30 which also works. It is set an hour late to get it to work an 6am and 10pm respectively. But as long as it works fiddling the time is fine.
I use presence detection to trigger Goodbye! and I’m Back routines and they also work.

I did try my power outlet on some different lamps at the weekend and the relay triggers and the blue light comes on but the lamps didn’t come on. I put it back into the lamp I have been using and it is fine. Not sure what is causing that.

Actually there isn’t in IDE but it should show time zone mine says Europe>London and that I am a uk customer. I am assuming (not wise) it is linked to this. Worth checking