Can an edge driver add power monitoring for a device?

Hello Mariano. I have a question, hopefully it’s ok to ask here. I don’t know how many possibilities edge drivers can do, but I would like to know, if it can add functions to smart power sockets to measure power consumption (for example to Ikea Tradfri socket)? Or if I have plug which can show power consumption (Thirdreality) to make it work with Energy app in Smartthings? So far only Aqara Smar Socket can do it, but those have some issues and can do max 10A.

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Power monitoring can mean three different things in a smartthings context. And an individual device might be able to do any combination of the three, different models have different features in this regard.

  1. Energy monitoring in its own app. For example, that’s what the Sonoff S 31 Wi-Fi plug will give you.

  2. Energy monitoring in the SmartThings energy dashboard. As you noted, there are only a few models of these, but there are now a few. This appears to be a smartthings-specific integration. Out of the box, you can do this with some of the aqara models (Zigbee), the Tapo 110 model, Eve energy (matter over thread), and I think the Shelly wifi model, but I’m not sure on that last one.

  3. Energy monitoring that you can use as the “if” in a SmartThings routine. There are a whole bunch of these, including some of the Aeotec models (Z wave), some TPLink kasa WiFi models if used with a community created edge driver, The aqara, Tapo, Eve, and Wi-Fi models mentioned in point 2 above, and others.

So it all depends on what you’re looking for. (For an example of a device which will report energy use on the dashboard, but can’t use energy level as the trigger in a smartthings routine, see most of the Samsung appliances.)

Anyway, as far as I know, you can’t add it for a device that doesn’t have it. But you could get both two and three from some models in the aqara, Tapo, Eve, And maybe Shelly as noted above. More are expected to be added in the future, but that’s what is true as of the date of this writing.

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My driver uses the powerConsumptionReport capability, necessary for the energy application, but this is not enough.
Smarttings controls which devices work or do not work with your energy app.

I think smartthings app has a list of devices compatible with energy app


I haven’t seen a list, in the app or out of it. It’s just that if you do already have devices that can be used, they will show up when you open the energy service in the app. But it doesn’t tell you what you could buy that would show up on the dashboard. :thinking:

If somebody knows of a list, hopefully they will post a link.

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In android app, menu explore, energy app there is a devices recomedded list, but i do not known if is correct


I see one in the US in the iOS app, but it’s not correct. It doesn’t have the Eve or the Tapo, both of which definitely work. Also, it’s got the European model of the Aqara. :thinking:

And I see the Eve on your list, so that’s even stranger.

Thanks for detailed reply.

  1. This is not what I’m looking for, plus I would like to avoid WiFi devices.
  2. This is the best scenario. So far only plugs working with Energy app are Aqara. At least from those I found and tested. I guess more expensive Eve Energy might work too, would be nice if anyone can confirm that.
  3. This is OK, but not perfect and for example Thirdreality plugs work like that.

Would be really nice to have list of Zigbee and Thread/Matter plugs with those capabilities.

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Tagging @Automated_House , I think he’s confirmed that the Eve energy is showing up on the energy dashboard. :thinking:

The matter standard itself does not yet support energy reporting. So if you’re going to get energy reporting from a device connecting with SmartThings via matter over thread, it Has to be a custom integration. That’s exactly how the Eve energy works as of December 2023.

The Eve Energy smart plug now works with Samsung SmartThings Energy platform - The Verge

Custom integration is fine with me, I guess energy consumption data still go over Thread protocol, right?
Also, I think we can use this article as confirmation, that Eve plugs support Energy App monitoring.

Yes, to both questions. :sunglasses:

It still goes via thread, but it’s custom fields.

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I have the Eve Energy Matter over Thread outlet and it does indeed work with the Energy app. The Tapo P125M Matter over Wi-Fi outlet is not supported.

Devices need to support the powerConsumptionReport.powerConsumption capability to even be considered for the Energy app, but I’m not sure that having it guarantees it would be included.


Correct, the matter P125M models don’t appear as far as I know.

But some of the Tapo Wi-Fi models that are not using matter do appear on the energy dashboard, at least, according to some community members.