Can anyone recommend a Smartthings compatible power meter smart plug (UK)

I searched the forums and could not find much or anything recent on this.
Would like to measure power usage of american fridge and washer/dryer
Zigbee preferred if possible, but needs to have some means of tracking usage over time

What’s the electrical draw of those appliances? You might require a heavy duty plug. :thinking:

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UK limit of plugged in devices is 13amp or around 3200watts
Fridge should be well under that but dryer could peak closer to that limit.
If I could find a power monitor plug rated at 13 amp it should fit the bill.

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Following up on this, I bought a tplink p110 smart plug with power monitoring. This is claimed to work with SmartThings via the linked service.
It does,in a fashion. The device shows in SmartThings but you can only switch it on or off, not read the power usage. Which is a pity because I wanted to be able to trigger routines based on power usage.