Anyone with a timed switch solution?

I am trying to figure out a way so I can reset my router and cable modem remotely. Is there a way to use one of the z-wave power switch to do that? The problem is that once the modem and/or router power is cut, I can’t control ST hub to switch on with a z-wave power switch. Any idea is welcome.

If you have a power outlet that runs local, you could set it to turn off and on at certain time. As long as you don’t cut the power to your ST hub, it should be able to come back after your internet goes down.

I know this probably doesn’t actually apply to the setup you have (if you don’t have a similar security system), but you might and some people do have this environment/equipment and it may help them. So, …

In addition to SmartThings, I also have a FrontPoint Security system. Since the FrontPoint system communicates back to the monitoring service ( via cellular signal, AND the FrontPoint console allows Z-Wave devices to be attached to it, I have (3) Z-Wave switches controlled by my FrontPoint console and attached to my router, modem, SmartThings hub, inside and outside cameras that I can use to remotely power toggle/reboot things at home - even when the internet isn’t working due to router/modem/camera lockups, etc. It could also (obviously) work with a PC, etc.