Command to restart hub?

Hey all,

im wondering if there is a command that i could run in a smartapp that would reboot my hub nightly. The reason i ask is, i reboot it manually every morning right now as I feel my home runs much better when i do daily reboots to the hub.

What i would like to do it tell the hub to reboot everyday at like 4AM. Just to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help!

You could use an automated external switch- even one controlled by SmartThings. Set it on a timer to turn off, allow for the reboot time and have it turn on after the reboot also by timer.
Alternately you could use a different networked switch like a Wemo and use the Wemo app timers to automate an on/off sequence.

I thought about all these things undortunately i would hate to spend $50 to perform one function everyday for 3 seconds haha. The other manual timers won’t work either since the best thing i could find was a timer that had incriments of 15 minutes on them. that would leave the hub off for 15 minutes and if my girl got up and the light didn’t automagically turn on because the hub didn’t have power i’d be sleeping on the couch haha.

There has to be a command that the hub can recieve. I can do it through the IDE so it has to be possible. I just want to automate it.

@tslagle13 - Tim, did you ever figure out how to automatically reboot the hub? Having the same issues. Switches fall off and a reboot brings everything back to normal.