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The device is viewable in SmartThings, however since its a newer device SmartThings reads it as a “z-wave sensor”. This results in it being considered as every single sensor possible, such as a smoke alarm and a light sensor. Whenever the contact sensor is opened, it also states that motion is being detected, despite it not having a motion sensor on it. Using the Z-wave Sensor CS driver, it loses most of these issues, but still shows light and motion, along with stating it hasn’t updated yet, and to check again later. I originally thought this was a connection issue, but since there is a repeater nearby, I have ruled this out as an issue

That message typically indicates that the device is matching a profile with capabilities the device doesn’t support, so the driver can’t update the app for those capabilities. What profile does it say it is using in the ST Advanced Web App when using the Z-Wave Sensor CS driver?

Also, what capabilities are you expecting it to have? I could whip up a test version of the Z-Wave Sensor CS driver with your device fingerprint that matches the Ring profile that I mentioned previously.

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As @h0ckeysk8er mentioned, this is because the device can’t send values for those attributes, so ST says the device hasn’t updated everything yet.

According to the manual, it looks like its the same basic device as the indoor version, with contact and tamper being supported. The parameters P1 and P4 are the same and already supported. The other parameters either wouldn’t be supported (supervision) or don’t matter anyway.

I can add the fingerprint 0346-0C01-0301 to Z-wave Sensor CS shortly and send the update out.


Hi! Does anyone know if a driver for zwave namron touch thermostat is available now, i can still not find anything online…


I answer the same thing as in January, I have developed a driver for the zigbee version of this thermostat that works well.

Extending the explanation a little more, this thermostat, both in the zigbee and zwave versions, uses non-standard mode functions that the default zwave handlers (dry, away modes, with their respective differentiated setpoints) that require writing a specific subdriver and performing tests, to debug correct operation.

This requires several hours of dedication to see the manual and adapt the code to the lua libraries and without having a device to do so it is even more complicated.

I’m sorry, but I think this zigbee thermostat costs about €85. Change 3 or 5 electrical connections from one thermostat to another and everything could be solved.

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