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Hi @Francois_Venter
Added to this driver version

 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2023-03-26T12:14:25.587993943        
- id: 5254/8201/8201
    deviceLabel: Remotec Outlet
    manufacturerId: 0x5254
    productType: 0x8201
    productId: 0x8201
    deviceProfileName: switch-binary
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Fantastic! Thank you very much @Mariano_Colmenarejo


@Mariano_Colmenarejo thank you for what you are doing for everyone and your quick response.


Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo as I said it was working perfect, how ever for some reason with an update of the driver today 03/27 it shows both switches but both control only switch 1 light.

I mean if I press switch 1 light 1 gets on if I Press switch 2, light 1 gets on.

Something change as before was working perfect. Could you please review what happen. Thanks

Hi @salvar01

Sorry, This driver version fix the issue

 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2023-03-28T11:15:06.852707995
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Mariano, I have the Dual EnerWave Relay and I am successfully using the Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc (OLD).

@Mariano_Colmenarejo thanks , now is working perfect again. Quick question, there is a way to stick to a driver version? So if something change with a new version you can stay in an old working one? Thanks in advance.

You can continue to use that driver as long as you have it installed on your hub, but no further changes or fingerprints will be updated to that driver.

That version uses LAN type child devices instead of EDGE type, which are what the default libraries handle now.
It was left so that they could use it with smart wifi hub, but it is no longer necessary with its latest firmware version.

It would be advisable to switch to the Mc driver whenever you want.

When you change it, you must delete the child device, if you have created it, and recreate it with the new driver. They are incompatible.

Gotcha. Thanks for the insights Mariano.

Request for Edge Driver for ZWN-SC7 Enerwave 7 Button Scene Controller

  • currentButton: 7
  • manufacturer: Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd.
  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE
  • numButtons: 7

zw:L type:0202 mfr:011A prod:0801 model:0B03 ver:1.05 zwv:3.42 lib:02 cc:2D,85,86,72

Latest working groovy code is here:

Hi @Logic

Added to this driver version
Try if works

 Name         Z-Wave Button Mc
 Version      2023-04-01T15:27:22.038715447        
- id: 011A/0801/0B03
    deviceLabel: ZWNSC7 Enerwave Scene Master
    manufacturerId: 0x011A
    productType: 0x0801
    productId: 0x0B03
    deviceProfileName: multi-button-7
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there you go

Added to this driver version

 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2023-04-07T15:33:41.119355423        
- id: 016A/0103/0060
    deviceLabel: Oomi Outlet
    manufacturerId: 0x016A
    productType: 0x0103
    productId: 0x0060
    deviceProfileName: metering-plug
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thanks you so muchhhh!

Perhaps this already exists. I’m looking for an edge driver for this stand alone switch (controller). I previously used the z-wave tweaker to set the association group. It directly controls other z-wave devices with the same association group. I preferred this method as there is lower latency than having the hub process the commands. The switch was branded by several manufacturers. One being NuTone NWD500Z, Linear/GoControls.

zw:L type:1200 mfr:014F prod:5457 model:3033 ver:5.41 zwv:3.42 lib:06 cc:87,25,26,27,85,70,86,72 ccOut:26,20

Just a note: @Mariano_Colmenarejo has an edge driver called the Z wave configuration tool that works in a very similar way to the old groovy Z wave Tweaker. Regardless of the edge driver you use for everyday use, you can temporarily assign any Z wave device to the Z wave configuration tool, then set the associations, then switch back to your everyday driver.

So if the edge driver you end up with for every day use does not itself expose the association groups, you can use the configuration tool to do that step:

(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Device Config Mc

Also, This won’t apply to the device you’re currently discussing, which is mains powered, but be aware that any batterypowered zwave device may only update its configuration parameters once or twice a day. So you won’t necessarily see an instant update. See the following community FAQ for more information about this issue if you are interested.

FAQ: Configuration Changes for Battery-powered Zwave Devices


Hi @Logic

Added to this driver version.
You could create in settings preferences a virtual device to configure association groups and parameters.
When configuration was done then you can delete de virtual configuration device

 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2023-04-09T20:46:09.512267009
- id: 014F/5457/3033
    deviceLabel: GoControl Switch
    manufacturerId: 0x014F
    productType: 0x5457
    productId: 0x3033
    deviceProfileName: switch-binary
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What drivers work for the GoControl LB60Z-1 LED bulb?

Request for Edge Driver for a Smart plug by Oomi

This is the metadata

“deviceType”: “Switch”,
“vid”: “74cf66e1-ae7f-3a14-a6a8-1affef9ec321”,
“ocfDeviceType”: “oic.d.switch”,
“mnmn”: “SmartThingsCommunity”,
“deviceTypeId”: “Switch”,
“presentationId”: “74cf66e1-ae7f-3a14-a6a8-1affef9ec321”,
“driverId”: “71915c2a-8604-4cd5-aaba-22988490bcbb”,
“manufacturerName”: “SmartThingsCommunity”,
“driverStatus”: “DEVELOPMENT”,
“deviceProfileName”: “switch-binary”
Anything else needed ?

Hi @plboucher

In these data are not the necessary data.
From the “deviceProfileName”: “switch-binary” it seems that it is already paired with an edge driver and parede zwave.
If so, please install Z-wave Thing Mc on your hub and do a driver change to see all device data