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The generic ST garage door opener lists two fingerprints for that manufacturer, but not your specific model.

  • id: “linear”
    deviceLabel: Linear Garage Door
    manufacturerId: 0x014F
    productType: 0x4744
    productId: 0x3030
    deviceProfileName: base-garage-door
  • id: “gocontrol”
    deviceLabel: GoControl Garage Door
    manufacturerId: 0x014F
    productType: 0x4744
    productId: 0x3530
    deviceProfileName: base-garage-door

The generic section of the driver doesn’t match the device type and only supports one of the command classes as well.

It’s possible it will be migrated to this driver based on the device type name, but can’t say for sure. I haven’t found any other drivers that might support it.

I have ZXT-120 IR blaster for sure is not edge driver out there

if anyone can help will be great

Is there an edge driver for this?


Perfect. Thanks!


Requesting Edge Driver for August Smart Lock 3rd Gen Z Wave, More details here: .

Need Edge Driver for Enerwave ZWN-RSM2-PLUS Z-Wave Plus Dual Module

I need three separate drivers, thank you in advance!:

  1. Monoprice RGBW zwave+ bulbs #27482 (manual)
  2. GoControl zwave bulbs LB60Z-1 (manual)
  3. GoControl virtual 3-way switch WT00Z5-1 (manual) - this switch allows direct pairing to zwave things (the #2 bulbs above in my case)

I’ve tried other RGBW drivers for #1, but none of them take when including.

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Are there any edge drivers for the first alert smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector known as “ZCOMBO”?

Any updates on the driver for this?
Seems some confuse the HS-FS100-W (water) with the light sensor HS-FS100-L

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The stock Edge Zwave Smoke Alarm driver works fine for these. I have several using it today.


Did you ever get an edge driver for these relays. I have four of them!

I have a Switchbot mini, it works pretty well if you dont tap too many buttons too quickly. If you do, it freaks out and you have to wait for it to reconnect to the wifi. Thats unfortunate, but its probably time retire the tv anyway. The screen started to seperate from the frame. fixed it with E600 but its creators obviously did not intend for it to live this long, I guess planned obsolescence comes for us all some day. Regardless I appreciate the response!

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I have a few vision dual relays to control light switches. vision micro dual relay zl7432. They look very similar to a current zooz product.

It seems really strange to me that there are so few of us who are interested in developing these smart apps on the edge. The end is coming and nothing works for me anymore: Neato, Netatmo, Life 360. All very essential things for my home automation. I didn’t understand if these integrations are of little interest, or if the developers really don’t have the possibility to do it. I’m just asking to understand.

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Groovy integrations were hosted in the cloud which gave Smartthings issues with reliability, costs and the fact there technology was reliant on outside sources

Groovy smartapps would need to be hosted on a developers own server if re created, presently no one has shown interest, why should they if they cannot earn money from the integration

Alot of the old Smartapps can now be created using smartthings automations

The Manufactures of the devices used in Smartapps were responsible for the integration in a lot of cases, those same manufactures need to be contacted to see if they have plans to develop drivers for there equipment for inclusion to the new platform

Yes its a ball ache but the upshot is a faster more reliable platform with a decent outlook for the future


Thanks for the clarification.
My total ignorance on the programming and operation issue makes me think that if an integration could be made that allows you to integrate pre-specified devices into Google Home or Alexa at will, it would solve 90% of the problems we have for the loss of current smartapps. Am I talking nonsense? I have no idea how to do that of course :slight_smile:

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Completely valid point, as you point out the manufactures of certain devices have allowed there devices to show up in Echo and Google why not Smartthings… that is a question only the manufacture of the devices can answer

In the future many devices will be Matter compliant which means the need for groovy and cloud hosted integrations is no longer needed

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I have a couple vision dual relays using Mariano’s Zwave Switch and Child MC driver. If the fingerprint for your specific model isn’t in there already you could ask him to add it.

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My Life360 integration died yesterday (with Groovy). As I understand it Life360 isn’t going to connect to SmartThings any longer. They are not going to develop a link for the new SmartThings system. I’ve had to turn on presence sensing on my phone for my presence and I respond to Life360 notifications using Tasker/SharpTools (I have a Pixel 6, so using Android, not iOS). Oh well. I guess I need to actually reconfigure a few things this weekend…