Post hub update 11/17/2015 & SHM-related failures

I keep one of those in mine and my wife’s trucks. Lol

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Yup. Eight years with ADT with only one false alarm. Wish SHM was that reliable.

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I didn’t have an alarm before and not willing to subscribe to a monthly monitoring plan. I live in a quiet neighborhood and my Arlo cams, my z-wave locks, coupled with a few Smart sense sensors are giving me more than peace of mind for now. I wouldn’t trust SHM to handle a siren at this time, but I foresee getting one in the near future. My SHM has been working pretty reliably since I migrated to v2 hub. I think my Good Night routine failed once or twice*, but for a traceable reason, which is acceptable. My Good bye routine, which sets the SHM to arm away never failed. We have a keyfob in the car that has worked flawlessly. Thank you @kevintierney for the great work.

  • update - my Good Night routine has started to fail post recent updates. See more details here:

I have never used SHM, I still have had multiple ST failures over the last few weeks.

Since I use ST to control home theater, it’s really obvious. The TV turns itself on at 2 in the morning.

So it’s not just SHM, although SHM may make it worse.

So sorry for your bad experience. You are probably among the few of us who really needs the system to be reliable. I wish I could give you mine now. It is frustrating when it doesn’t work for people who don’t depend on it, I cannot imagine how frustrating must be for you. @ben or @tyler1 or @april, can you please do something special for JD and have someone thoroughly look at his system. There are plenty of us who don’t have the same problems, so I am sure things can be done to improve his experience.

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@SBDOBRESCU Bobby! You sending your pet poltergeist to others? :wink:

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Definitely weird stuff. Send me a PM.

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I’ve got seven or 8 open tickets now, with people looking at them. I don’t think it needs any more attention. Honestly I think the biggest difference is that I spend most of my life in one of two rooms and I use the system all the time. Because I use it for lights and for the home entertainment system. So I’m going to see every blip on it. Where a lot of people won’t.

Add to that the fact that the “easy fix” is never easy for me, so I notice anything that broke. I don’t just flip open the app and toggle something manually or go to the switch and use that. So again, I’m very aware.

At this point we’ve moved The locks, the lights, and the entertainment system off of SmartThings. The only thing left are some sensors and notifications. So we’re fine.

I’ve never had a problem with my (not smart things) security system, or my medical monitoring system, although each has been running six or seven years. Since moving the other things over, we’ve had no problems with those. Echo, the Hue bridge, and harmony are all solid.

SmartThings went bananas Friday night again but it didn’t affect me very much other than the gate sensors not working.

So I think we’ve already moved on as far as impact on my daily life. But I appreciate the thought.


Anyone seeing better results with SHM ?