Oh Look ST Automation takes a holiday too! Aww.. cute

Is it just me or did other folks’ automations fail to trigger this morning? No auto “good morning” routine here. Everything appears to be working otherwise. I wouldn’t be so picky, but seriously… it’s got “one thing to do” right?

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Same here. No good morning and the siren went off even after a manual initiation of the routine.

Good morning at sunrise worked for me…

Worked for me as well.

Oh no! You let poltergeist go??? I thought you said you’ll keep it…

Well, I am still waiting on the donations to pour in. :wink: No Black Friday shopping for me.


Mine failed too. Mine did because smarthings “thought” we were away according to my dashboard. We were clearly home and all for of us showed present. I have nobody home to set the mode to away when nobody is home. My good morning routine fired correctly yesterday morning. We have had at least two people present in the house since then (and was correctly reported present by smarthings for change). I have no other apps that would set the mode to away but somehow it did.

The other interesting thing is some paranormal experience set my mode to away, however my SHM is set to disarmed. I really hope people don’t buy smartthings things they are going to get any kind of security system.

Well, it’s clearly sold as a security system in almost every ad, so I think people are well within their rights to expect one… and the fact that some people in this community seem to want to let them off the hook on this front is pretty lame IMHO.

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Well my SHM modes, alarm arm/disarm, and routines are working perfectly. Everything had worked just like it’s supposed to for quite a while now.

I have not had a single problem since I stopped using SHM, alarm, and routines. Not a single one has failed me, not once!

I just use rule machine, smart lighting, and trigger happy to do everything I need.

Once I removed those, ST has been everything I wanted it to be!


I’m fast approaching that point myself. I’ve had an open ticket (for over a month!) regarding failed mode changes triggered by Routines. We’ve narrowed it down to time-based routines failing; presence-based continue to work without a hiccup. I still have the time-based routines in place, but with no automatic trigger (manual-only, as a safety net). Those routines have been replaced with Rule Machine and working nicely.

For me, it’s not a matter of “letting Support off the hook.” But it gets to the point where it wears me down, and I just want things working. I’ve always been fascinated with technology stuff (I even made a career of it), but ST has started to feel like an unpaid second job. My life is much less stressful since lowering my expectations and just going with what works.


Worked for me no issues, goodbye and I’m back also worked twice.

That’s pretty much me to… I had to keep the WAF high so I just went with what works.


Good Morning worked fine here. Around 2 this afternoon not a light was responding to Smart Lighting, Rules Machine, nor Lighting Director. All motion sensor were responding and showing activity in the App but not switching anything. App buttons would not turn on lights. Echo/IFTTT triggers were a no go. Hub reboot fixed everything.
Most if not all the problems I’ve encountered do far have been user error or my ignorance. This was a surprise.

Hey… there’s no value to indirectly blaming SmartThings’s ongoing instabilities on the Community! :angry:

“We” don’t want to let SmartThings off the hook … we want them to get their act together and fix the product, and do more than just apologize. Yes – SmartThings definitely ought to tone down marketing materials and international expansion in the meantime, but that ain’t gonna happen.


I said “some” people in the community, because some have not only lowered expectations, but they’ve made excuses for ST in emails I have read. That’s what that was about. Meanwhile, I may very well go the easy route to make things work, it’s just that I’m newer than many here and I’m not aware of all the work arounds. Unfortunately I know nothing about Rules Engine and other apps mentioned here (Really don’t want to fool with IFTTT). If anyone can point links to tutorials or threads discussing getting these going I would appreciate it.

IFTTT is the simplest and most straightforward of rule designs, so if it’s not something you’re interested in, I’m not sure what would be. Most of the other options are more complex.

The most comprehensive rule management that does not require using third-party options: rule machine

If your concern is that you don’t want to go outside the SmartThings system, however, then rule machine, which is custom code, is a good rules engine which works entirely within SmartThings. It Does assume that you understand Boolean logic and can construct your own if/then statements, so it’s not for everyone. But if you are used to that kind of approach, it’s very powerful.

For that, you need to visit two forum topics. The first one is just the FAQ on how custom code is used. If after reading that you feel that you would like to try that kind of option, then go to the thread on rule machine. On the other hand if after reading the FAQ on custom code you decide you don’t want to do that, skip to the next section.

And the rule machine topic where you will find the code that you will copy.

Third Party Rules Engines with intuitive visual interfaces and easy installs

There are a couple of third-party rule engines which install pretty much like any app from an app store. Very popular. These are for people who don’t necessarily think like programmers, and use visual interfaces where you make a choice from drop down Lists for each rule. So you don’t have to count the number of parentheses, and you’re not likely to make a logic mistake when you’re setting up a rule.

You’ll find those discussed in the following thread:

Routines, Smart Lights, and other Official Options

SmartThings itself does have a number of built-in scheduler options, it’s just that they’re not really presented in a very intuitive way. The following topic is an overview of many of these, with links to more details. If you want to really explore the various ways of setting up controls in SmartThings, this is a good place to start.


Thanks JD. I’m good with custom code, already using some, and one of the reasons I choose ST to begin with. Yes, my only reason for staying away from IFTTT is I just don’t want to have yet another system to manage, so i’m looking forward to exploring “rule engine” in detail. Thanks for loading me up with stuff to read over the break!


FWIW IFTTT is not only really simple, but also really stable and useful. I have not had to fix it once, in fact I use it to checkup on ST sunset sunrise. I’ve not had a problem with ST sunset/sunrise since I sicked IFTTT on it. :smile:


Yup same here. The last 2 days actually. Set the alarm off yesterday because its all supposed to be automated and i didnt think to check. Whats the purpose of a smart home if half the time you have to check its work?

It’s easter holidays, and yet again, ST takes a holiday. Yes, I know they are in the midst of major “platform upgrades”, but in the last week, things have gone from bad to worse. Yes, I’ve got support tickets open. They pushed some code to me, however, that hasn’t prevented everything from failing. SHM, forget about it! It will no longer go from armed to disarmed. Please don’t tell me how “you” don’t use SHM. It’s what we are sold as security. Half of my door sensors are no longer reporting, however, i’m starting to suspect batteries, despite them all reporting 88% left. How can so many of them report 88% battery? Is it REALLY so hard to report battery state to me if my batteries are low? Really? Can ST not sense a battery closer than 88% when it’s actually dead? Yes, the graph is reporting some low bats in places, but seriously, why couldn’t the APP say something??

Meanwhile, my alarm triggers, and I can’t shut if off without removing SHM (you know, that thing that they’re trying to charge folks for linking to Scout!?!)

What an absolute mess!