Possible to turn off the Blue LED on GE ZigBee power switch?


I have a combination of Zwave and ZigBeeGE power switches, I can disable the blue LED on the Zwave ones. However, my question; is it possible to control it on the ZigBee switch?

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You don’t have this option from the gear (setup) icon for the GE Zigbee switches on your device screen in the app?

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I don’t have that option for my ZigBee switches, only my Zwave ones have that option to change.

LED ParametersTo assist with locating the Smart Switch in a dark room, the LED glows blue when the Smart Switch is turned OFF. To turn LED off/restore

LED:Tap top rocker (ON Switch) 3x quickly and then tap bottom rocker (OFF Switch) 1x. Follow the same series of button presses used to disable the LED to restore


I unfortunately have not found the information to this for custom DTHs. As far as I can tell, GE has not published if they made some type of custom attribute for LED states. The ZigBee standard only allows the option of making the LEDs blink for a set period of time. If you want to change the settings you will need to do it manually as stated above.

I have written a custom DTH for ZigBee GE dimmers that at least simulates the fade to on and off (though GE doesn’t officially support that either even though the ZigBee standard can).

The DTH can be found here though since this is not officially supported by the GE switches, when turning off the dimmer level goes to 0%. That is a different behavior than other DTHs.

That worked perfectly!

Thank you

Thank you! Will give this a try this evening.

And after over a year of that dang blue light on all the time in my bedroom it was that easy. Lol. :astonished::joy::joy::joy:

Is there a video or guide on how rapidly to press the top rocker, or how long to wait before tapping the lower one?

By trial and error (25 times) I was able to turn off the led on one switch but haven’t been able to replicate successfully on the other 6.